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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's media session after Wednesday's Detroit Lions practice.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Wednesday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On DT Ndamukong Suh's fine: "That's not my area. Coaches coach. Players play. We leave that to people in the League and stuff like that. I said this before, our concern with the play, the biggest concern that we had, was taking a touchdown off the board. That's a situation that we can't allow to happen. Regardless of what our intent is, anything that hurts the team is something that we have to move on from and get by. That's the biggest thing with that. Fines and stuff like that, that's League."

On how to direct Suh going forward to adapt to the League's message about his tackling: "I think he's adapted from a couple years ago. This was an incident that got on the radar because of what happened in his past. I think that he needs to continue to play within and that's something he's already working hard to do."

On the difficulty of changing a players mindset: "It's football. When they blow the whistle, you have to pull off. There are certain things that you can't do. You can't hit quarterbacks in the head and you can't hit defenseless receivers and all those different things. Those are all just rules of football. Offense can't clip from outside in the box. Everybody's got their rules, but it doesn't slow the game down."

On how much more dangerous is WR Larry Fitzgerald with now having QB Carson Palmer: "They threw for about 300 yards in the last game and obviously he scored two touchdowns and was a big part of their offense. It's not just him. (WR Michael) Floyd has stepped up. They have an outstanding skill group. You just can't worry about stopping just Larry Fitzgerald. It's a little bit like last week with Adrian Peterson. He's a guy that can make a play, but they have plenty of other guys that can make a play."

On if CB Patrick Peterson is a legitimate offensive weapon: "I don't know. I don't know the way that they will use him. Our job is to concentrate on what we can and not to worry about how somebody else is going to use a player. He's a very skilled returner. He's a very skilled corner. One of the best players in the NFL. We're going to have our work cut out for us on punt team, covering, kick direction, kick location. All those different things. He's a very good challenge. We're up to the challenge.  How they use him on offense and whether he's a weapon or not on offense, I mean that doesn't depend on us that depends on how they want to try to use him. We'll be ready for whatever they do."

On the importance of ball security: "Well (Tyrann) Mathieu is a rookie and he made a nice play punching the ball out on that play down. Tight end looked like he was in the clear and he did a nice job of punching it out. There's no difference in any other game. We need to be ball secured. We ended up plus-two in turnovers last week because we got four, but we can do a better job protecting the ball on offense. Every team has play makers. Every team has guys that attack the football. Those guys have a track record of doing it and we're out to play our best."

On QB Matthew Stafford's quote saying he thought that was the best run blocking he's seen since he's been here: "What we did last week really doesn't matter now. It needs to carry over to this week. It's a complete different front. It's a 3-4 front at Arizona. (DT Darnell) Dockett , (DE) Calais Campbell, (ILB Karlos) Dansby in the middle, I mean there's good players there and it's going have to be a different execution, but we need to be consistent with it from week to week. We can't just do it one week."

On having RB Reggie Bush helping the offensive line: "Yeah. I think that helps. Matt (Stafford) always has gotten rid of the ball quickly. It all goes hand-in-hand. It goes to wide receivers getting open, tight ends getting open, having availability of the running backs, how well you run the ball. You know you can slow pass rush with good play action and screen game. All those things go hand-in-hand and they're all interdependent. If the offensive line is doing a great job, but the quarterback's holding the ball too long he can still end UP getting sacked. If everybody is doing a great job and no receivers are open you can still end up getting sacked. I think all units operated well together and again that's something we're going to have continue because there's some challenges ahead of us when we play Arizona."

On the new look to the Cardinals: "Different schemes all across the board. Different offensive schemes, different defensive schemes and different special teams schemes. We played them late in the year last year. Some of the same players, but they added Carson Palmer like you mentioned and Rashard Mendenhall. Even a second year player like Floyd, even though he had a good rookie year, he's more involved in the offense this year. There are some new faces in there. It's a different challenge as far as scheme- wise. It's all stuff that we have some experience with. Coach Arians was at Indianapolis last year running a very similar offense there. Todd Bowles was in Philly last year. He has some similar things there. Then he was also the defensive coordinator in Miami a couple years ago. We've seen a lot of those schemes before so it's not going to be a surprise to us. Plus you have the first game on film and under our belts so we'll be able to evaluate off of that also."

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