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Reggie Bush injury: MRI scheduled for Monday

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush is scheduled to have an MRI on his left knee on Monday.

Christian Petersen

During Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush suffered a left knee injury toward the end of the first half. The injury happened on a 26-yard reception by Bush, who was taken down with a helmet to the knee from Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson. Bush went down in pain and limped to the sideline, where he was examined by trainers and doctors.

Bush returned to the game on the very next drive, and he was the Lions' running back for the start of the second half. He fumbled an exchange from Matthew Stafford inside the Lions' own 10-yard line, though, and his day was over after that play. It wasn't completely clear at the time if he was benched because of the fumble or if he was too hurt to play, but we pretty much got the answer to that question after the game:

Here's what we know right now: Bush is scheduled to have an MRI and other tests on his left knee on Monday. The bad news is that Jim Schwartz said after the game that Bush "didn’t feel like he could explode off of that leg," according to the Lions' official Twitter feed. The other bad news is that Bush said after the game, in hindsight, that he shouldn't have returned after initially getting hurt.

Here's the good news:

As evidenced by the Lions' complete inability to do anything on offense without Bush in the second half, they can't really afford for him to miss any time. They need him healthy enough to be effective, though, so getting him to that point is the top priority heading into Week 3.

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