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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Wednesday

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's media session after Wednesday's Detroit Lions practice.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Wednesday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On how he's preparing for the Redskins based on QB Robert Griffin III being the same read-option run threat that he was last year: "They're still running the same schemes. You better be ready for it. We'll be prepared for him carrying the ball and him handing it off or throwing it. That's not different than any other week. We're certainly going to prepare as if he's going to carry the ball. We know he's a talented guy. He hasn't had a lot of opportunities in the first couple of games, but I think some of that may also be to the fact that they were down so much in those games. It's hard to consistently run option plays and quarterback type plays when you're trying to catch up from the scores that they were down by. I wouldn't read too much in to any of his carries and everything else. We know he's an outstanding player. We have a lot of respect for him. We'll be prepared for all their schemes, including him carrying the football."

On how the defense will impact going against the Redskins' read-option: "We have faced different teams doing that over the years. We have a philosophy on how to handle it. We think we can play our scheme and be successful. We don't have anything in our scheme that is not sound versus all of that stuff. That includes blitzes. That includes all of our zone and all of our man coverages. It's just life in football now that you have to be sound. You can't disregard a quarterback in any of those things. We'll probably do it a little different way than some other teams do, but it's just the NFL now. It's college football and high school. You have to have a plan for all those contingencies now. As everything has come full circle it's a lot like playing wishbone option teams 25 years ago when I first started."

On if the Lions not having beaten the Redskins in Washington since 1937 means anything: "We want to get a win. We want to get a road win against an NFC opponent that was a playoff team last year. All those things are important. What happened 10 years ago, 20 years ago, everything else it's irrelevant in a lot of ways. We don't pay too much attention to story lines. The way things get covered now, there is always an angle. People pay more attention to story lines than the actual game and the preparation I think. We'll concentrate on the game. We'll concentrate on our preparation. We have some challenges. They are a blitzing defense. They have some guys that can wreck the game upfront. (Ryan) Kerrigan's got three or four sacks. They got off to a fast start. I know that the game didn't finish that way, but they got off to a fast start against Green Bay. I think they sacked them three times in the first couple series and were really giving them a hard time. They have some guys that can wreck the game. They have some talented offensive players. We talked about RGIII (Robert Griffin III). (Alfred) Morris is a strong back. I think he's got about more yards after contact than anybody in the NFL. He's hard to knock off his feet. He's powerful. He's a perfect fit for their zone stretch. They have an outstanding offensive line. Trent Williams is playing at a high level. We have enough to handle with their personnel and we have preparation so we don't have time to worry about stuff like that or other story lines."

On if he thinks the Lions can take shots down the field more than they have in the first two games: "We'll aggressively take what the defense gives us. You also can't force things if it's not there. They also have given up a lot of rush yards. I think about +200 in the game. They have made some big plays and have also given up some big plays. I'm sure they're working very hard to get that corrected just like we're working on things that we need to get corrected. Everybody in the NFL is doing the same thing right now. It's a race to see who can fortify their weaknesses and who can accentuate their strengths and things like that. They'll be doing the same thing. If there's opportunity, we'll certainly be prepared for it."

On if Riddick is complementary to RB Joique Bell or RB Mikel Leshoure: "He's played wide receiver in the past in college. He's caught the ball well in the preseason games. He has ran the ball well in preseason games. His skill set and talent are unique from all of our running backs. I wouldn't say that if he ends up in a role that he's replacing a certain player. We're going to try to accentuate anybody's strengths and what they can do. Riddick would be no different than that. I think you saw in the preseason what he can do. He was good in the passing game. He's done a nice job on special teams throughout the first two weeks. He's played all four of our core special teams and has done a nice job there. He's found a way to contribute to the team even though he hasn't touched a ball very much so far in the first two weeks."

On how much confidence he has in Bell if Bush can't play: "We'll have 46 guys active for the game. Whoever is active we will have confidence in. We can't worry about those who don't play. We have to worry about the ones that do. That's just the NFL. It's next man up. We're in a race to correct mistakes and do things like that. We're also in a race to get the next guy ready in case they're needed. Whether it's a running back, quarterback, defensive back that's just the NFL. Devin Taylor got his first playtime. He didn't get very much, but he had to be ready and able to contribute. Anybody else is no different."

On if he's been able to see Coach Shanahan's offense: "I think the first two games have gotten away from them. You would have a hard time saying it hasn't affected their game plan and how they're trying to play in the game because the dynamic completely changes when you're down that much. Mike Shanahan is an outstanding coach and he has a long track record and history. They were a team that was 3 and 6 last year. They rattled off seven wins in a row and made the play offs. They did it because they are well coached. They fit players into a scheme that worked for them. Not everybody could have ran that offense. There is enough film from last year. It's not like we're operating with a brand new coach or scheme. We have seen all that stuff last year. You see different wrinkles. I'm sure they'll be adding different game plan wrinkles for us. We're going to have to be ready for those things also."

On the appreciation for LB London Fletcher given he will be making his 243rd consecutive start this Sunday: "A fellow Division III football player. When I was at Georgetown, we would follow those John Carroll scores. They didn't play a lot of common opponents. He's not the biggest guy or the fastest guy, but just a really good football player in a lot of different schemes. Part of being a good football player is being available to play. He's been consistent over the course of time. We have a lot of respect for him."

On if LB Ryan Kerrigan was considered during the draft: "We thought a lot of him on our draft board. We thought he could be a 3-4 outside linebacker and we also thought he could've been a 4-3 defensive end. We definitely considered everybody in there. They have an outstanding football player. Like I said, he's a guy that can change the game. He has made a lot of plays this season so far. He made a lot of plays last year. He fits well within their scheme. I think those are all important things as he has had success."

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