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Nate Burleson speaks about car accident, arm injury

Nate Burleson spoke on Friday for the first time about his car accident and broken arm.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Burleson was back at the Detroit Lions' facility on Friday afternoon, and he met with the media for the first time since his car accident earlier this week. He spoke about the accident itself and his recovery from a broken arm.

Specifically, when asked about the recovery process, Burleson said that he is hoping to start running in a week or two, according to Josh Katzenstein. Burleson has already gotten some work in with a bike, per Kyle Meinke, and he didn't close the door on the idea that he could return in November.

As for the actual accident, Burleson provided some details on what happened. Apparently he was plugging his phone into his car to play music when the pizzas went flying. At that point, he tried to catch the pizzas and lost control of his car, leading to the accident. Let this be a lesson: don't drive distracted, folks.

The pizzas, by the way, were deep-dish pepperoni from Happy's, per Meinke. No wonder he wanted to save them.

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