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POLL: Will Jim Schwartz still be Lions' head coach in 2014?

Will Jim Schwartz still be the Detroit Lions' head coach in 2014? Vote now and see what Pride Of Detroit's writers had to say.

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To get ready for the 2013 season, Pride Of Detroit's writers weighed in with predictions on a variety of topics. You can make your own predictions by voting in the poll at the end of this post, and you can see what our writers had to say below.

Next up: Will Jim Schwartz still be the Detroit Lions' head coach in 2014?

Jeremy Reisman: Yes

I think the Lions will be better than they've shown in the preseason, but will still show some signs of offensive struggles. This is admittedly based more on faith than anything else. So, with a heavy doubt weighing me down, I will fight through it and predict a 9-7 season for the Lions in 2013, which will be just enough for Jim Schwartz to keep his job, but will have him another foot deeper in his grave.

Brian Packey: Yes

It's playoffs or Bobby Ross' bus ticket for Jim Schwartz. After several close losses in 2012 with a team still full of holes, I think Schwartz deserved another crack at recruiting talent and coaching the team this year. While I don't think the Lions improved drastically this offseason, they brought in some flashy names who bring with them sunny expectations. The regular season downs and an early playoff exit won't come without the noisy "Fire Schwartz" rhetoric, but I optimistically think when it's all said and done, he's still coaching the Lions this time next year.

Christopher Tomke: Yes

Jim Schwartz keeps his job. My assumption is that nothing less than 9-7 keeps Schwartz in Detroit, so obviously in this scenario (11-5), he stays. I’m an optimist.

Eric Shinabarger: Yes

This is the same franchise that took seven years to fire Matt Millen. Whatever the Fords lack in foresight they have in patience, and I think a .500 season is enough for them to justify giving Jim Schwartz and Martin Mayhew another year.

Nick Catoni: Yes

He’ll still be around come 2014. Not because he deserves to be, but because the talent on this team will carry him along for the ride.

Sean Yuille: Yes

If the Lions are able to go 8-8, they will have shown a pretty good deal of improvement from 2012 to 2013. Will it be enough for Jim Schwartz to keep his job? I say yes, but only if the Lions make other changes to the coaching staff, perhaps by moving on from Scott Linehan and Gunther Cunningham. It will be tough to justify keeping Schwartz to most fans if the Lions only go .500, so other changes will likely be necessary if he sticks around.

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