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Jim Schwartz not thrilled with officiating in Bears game

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was not too happy with the officiating in Sunday's win over the Chicago Bears.

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Considering the Detroit Lions beat the Chicago Bears by a score of 40-32, Jim Schwartz had plenty of reasons to be happy following Sunday's game. He wasn't completely happy, though. One area that he wasn't pleased with was the officiating. It wasn't a situation where the Lions lost the game on a blown call or anything like that, but Schwartz was not happy with the lack of holding calls on the Bears, particularly when Ndamukong Suh was being "blocked."

Schwartz was also upset with the lack of a call at the end of the game when Kris Durham was speared in the back after recovering the Bears' second onside kick attempt. Durham made a clear recovery and gave himself up by going to the ground, but a Bears player decided to take a shot at his back anyway. Schwartz had this to say about the hit, which did not draw a flag:

Durham said after the game that his back "hurts a lot," which is no surprise considering it was a pretty rough hit. Again, the lack of a flag didn't cost the Lions the game or anything, but Schwartz clearly wasn't happy with the way things were officiated throughout Sunday afternoon.

It'll be interesting to see if Schwartz hears from the NFL about his comments on Sunday. I personally like that he has his team's back and spoke out against the officiating, and it probably makes more sense to do it after a win rather than a loss, as it would come off as sour grapes following a defeat. In any case, his concerns are certainly justified, as there were definitely some issues with the officiating on Sunday.

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