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Ndamukong Suh unlikely to be suspended, according to report

Ndamukong Suh is reportedly facing a major fine, but not a suspension.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday morning, it was reported that Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is facing discipline from the NFL for the low block he threw on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan on Sunday. The block occurred during an interception return, and Suh received a penalty for it. The flag negated the pick-six, and it has drawn the attention of the NFL.

Earlier, it wasn't at all clear what kind of discipline Suh is facing. The NFL made it known on Monday afternoon that a suspension hadn't been ruled out, but it was unknown if he would actually be sidelined because of the block or if he would simply be fined. According to Ian Rapoport, a "heavy fine" appears to be the likely result of Suh's block.

A fine is by far the most sensible discipline in this situation. Sullivan is okay and has already forgiven Suh, and it was simply a careless mistake in the chaos of an interception return. Because of his history, Suh has received a great deal of criticism for the low block, but it's not like he decided in the heat of the moment to try and injure someone with a cheap shot. He simply made a bad mistake by trying to make a block, and a fine is a much more sensible punishment than a suspension.

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