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Lions hoping to meet with Ken Whisenhunt on Tuesday, according to report

According to a report, the Detroit Lions hope to speak with Ken Whisenhunt again on Tuesday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Detroit Lions are hoping to meet with San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt again on Tuesday, according to the Detroit News' Chris McCosky. The Lions first interviewed Whisenhunt last Thursday in San Diego, and it looks as though they are getting ready to send a plane out west to pick him up for a second interview.

Why didn't the plane make its original flight and depart for San Diego on Monday morning? The Free Press' Dave Birkett speculates that Whisenhunt could still be deciding between the Lions and Tennessee Titans. If the plane heads to San Diego and Whisenhunt gets on it, chances are that second interview on Tuesday would be the final step before he is named head coach. However, if Whisenhunt shockingly decides that he'd rather take the Tennessee job, there would obviously be no need to waste time and money on a flight to San Diego.

McCosky speculates that the Lions could offer Whisenhunt a five-year contract during that meeting on Tuesday -- if it actually happens, that is. At this point, it's pretty clear that Whisenhunt is indeed the Lions' top candidate, and their game plan seems to be something like this:

  • Send plane to San Diego to pick up Whisenhunt on Monday
  • Interview Whisenhunt on Tuesday for a second time
  • Get ownership to sign off on Whisenhunt
  • Finalize contract with Whisenhunt
  • Be prepared to announce a deal and hold a press conference late Tuesday or early Wednesday

The big question mark right now is whether or not Whisenhunt actually wants the Lions' job. If he does, then that plane should depart for San Diego shortly to pick him up and bring him to Detroit, and the Lions could very well have their new head coach in place in the next 24 or so hours. If it turns out that he doesn't want the job, however, then the Lions will have to go in a different direction.