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Lions coaching rumors: Detroit interested in Dan Quinn?

Might the Detroit Lions have interest in the Seattle Seahawks' defensive coordinator?

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Just minutes before the news broke about Ken Whisenhunt being hired by the Tennessee Titans, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio published a story that is especially interesting given what's transpired on Monday night. It was about how the Detroit Lions might not be "locked on" to hiring Whisenhunt despite the fact that all signs pointed to him being their guy.

The Lions, of course, did not hire Whisenhunt, as he instead chose the Titans. But that's not the truly interesting part. Rather, what's intriguing is that Florio reported that the Lions have interest in Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. Even though Quinn isn't a former head coach or someone with an offensive background, and even though his name didn't pop up at all in the first two weeks of the Lions' coaching search, Florio says they have interest in him.

Quinn has done a phenomenal job as the Seahawks' defensive coordinator this season. He previously served as the Seahawks' defensive line coach before spending a couple years as Florida's defensive coordinator. He then returned to Seattle when Gus Bradley was hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars last year.

Personally, I don't buy this story for two big reasons. For starters, the Lions had a chance to interview Quinn while the Seahawks were on a bye week during the wild-card round. An interview never happened, so why would the Lions all of a sudden be interested in him now when they can't even speak with him? What's more, all of the candidates the Lions have interviewed are former head coaches with offensive backgrounds. It's pretty clear that's the type of coach they're interested in, and Quinn doesn't fit that profile one bit.

I certainly hope the Lions do have interest in Quinn and aren't completely set on hiring Jim Caldwell or Mike Munchak. With Whisenhunt no longer available, I want them to expand their search rather than just settle on their Plan B, and Quinn would be an intriguing option if they decide to start looking at defensive-minded coaches.