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Jim Caldwell shares his thoughts on Matthew Stafford

Jim Caldwell thinks Matthew Stafford is on the verge of taking his game to another level.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

When the Detroit Lions interviewed Jim Caldwell two weeks ago, he spent some time meeting with quarterback Matthew Stafford. It turns out that Caldwell and Stafford didn't watch any film, but they did get a chance to speak with each other and talk about what steps need to be taken to improve.

On Wednesday, after being introduced as the Lions' head coach, Caldwell talked about his new quarterback. Specifically, he talked up Stafford's potential and stressed that Stafford is willing to do "whatever it takes" to win.

One of Caldwell's top priorities going forward is to help Stafford elevate his game. Stafford has all of the physical tools, and he's shown us just how good he can be over the years. However, he needs to be more consistent and take better care of the ball, and I'm sure Caldwell is well aware of what needs to be done for Stafford to really take that next step forward as an NFL quarterback.

(Martin Mayhew, by the way, said this when asked about Stafford not having interest in working with a "QB guru:" "We should have everything at Allen Park that he needs to be a great quarterback.")