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Tony Dungy is in Michigan, but not to interview with Lions

Tony Dungy flew into Detroit on Monday, but not to interview with the Lions or anything like that.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, Tony Dungy made headlines by talking up the Detroit Lions' head coaching job. He indicated that if he were to return to coaching, he would want the Lions' job. Unfortunately for the Lions, Dungy doesn't plan to return to coaching, but that didn't stop fans from dreaming about the possibility of him coming back to coach his hometown team.

Despite Dungy making it clear that he's not coming back to coach, the rumor mill started churning again on Monday morning thanks to this tweet:

Dungy is flying into Detroit?! Is he interviewing with the Lions? Are the Lions trying to convince him to give coaching another shot? Could this dream scenario really be happening? In a word: no. Dungy quickly clarified the situation before fans were able to get their hopes up too much.

So that's that. Dungy is in Michigan, but not for football reasons. Carry on.

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