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Week 8 NFL picks against the spread: London calls for some football

Here are your Week 8 NFL picks against the spread.

Charlie Crowhurst

Hiya, the Detroit Lions are in London for a business trip, American football, which means I'm obligated to embed the following movie clip from Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

I've been to London before, and we were recommended to keep our personal belongings (i.e. wallets and passports) in a bum bag, because of the bums on the Tube who would pickpocket. (Don't know what a bum bag is? Ask the Lions. They know all the British terms.) I asked my wife if she knew what a bum bag is and she grossly, yet smartly, guessed a colostomy bag. Let's hope the Lions don't play like a bunch of bum bags filled with buggies.

Congratulations to iamkenblack on a 10-win Week 7.

Now crank up the Fergie and let's get these bugger Week 8 picks out of the way:

Chargers (+8) over BRONCOS

Finally, a Thursday night game that is ace. The quarterbacks are going to bung for over 600 yards. The Chargers played in London in 2008.

Lions (-3.5) over FALCONS

I will be really gutted if I'm not right about this.

BENGALS (+1) over Ravens

The Ravens have treated their last two opponents like real rubbish, outscoring them 77-24, but I think the Bengals get back on track. London could be calling Cinci soon.

Texans (-3) over TITANS

The Titans are starting third-string QB Zach Mettenberger. He'll bring a whole new meaning to throw a "wobbler."

CHIEFS (-7) over Rams

I have a feeling the Chiefs will roger the Rams. Fun fact: Donovan McNabb is going to call this game (with Dick Stockton)! Let's hope it doesn't go to overtime, am I right?

Bears (+6) over PATRIOTS

I don't mean to wind up on him (okay, I do), but Jay Cutler is a real wanker. I still think they'll cover here, as they'll be gagging for a win.

JETS (-3) over Bills

It's possible I've made a cock up here, but the Bills have lost four straight on the road to the Jets, and they'll be without their two crying running backs.

Vikings (+2.5) over BUCS

Pavement Pizza game of the week.

Seahawks (-5) over PANTHERS

The Seahawks have lost two in a row, but I think they find their way against these pussies (cats!). Better than Percys.

Dolphins (-6) over JAGUARS

I can't see the Jaguars nicking two games in a row.

Eagles (+2.5) over CARDINALS

No Sproles, a real kick to the Eagles' goolies, but they should be all right. All right?

BROWNS (-7) over Raiders

Piss-poor effort from the Browns last week, which was not my cup of tea and put me in a real nark, but I think they bounce back at home against the Raiders. Dog's bollocks.

Colts (-3) over STEELERS

If not for the Steelers being the bee's knees, putting up 24 points in less than three minutes before the half last week, they lose against the Texans. The Colts have been the mutt's nuts lately.

SAINTS (-1.5) over Packers

See that twit Rodgers hoping for a Saints win against the Lions during his post-game interview last week? Sad. This Saints win on Sunday Night Football is going to be smashing.

COWBOYS (-9.5) over Redskins

DeMarco Murray bought his linemen bomb computers for the bloody big holes they create for him. The Redskins are snookered, starting Colt McCoy. Sod's law here.



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