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Which Lions legend would you bring back?

If you could add one legendary Detroit Lions player to the 2014 edition of the team, who would it be?

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This week's question from Marshall Faulk is about a hypothetical situation where you could bring back one Detroit Lions legend (in his prime) for this year's team. Faulk wants to know who it would be and what would happen if this scenario played out in real life.

The obvious answer for the Lions, of course, is Barry Sanders. He's the greatest running back in NFL history, and having him on the field alongside the likes of Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate and Matthew Stafford would be pretty fun to watch, especially with a good defense to go along with a potentially high-powered offense.

If not Sanders, I'd probably have to go with Jason Hanson. Suddenly adding him back to the team actually wouldn't be all that far-fetched given the Lions' kicker issues this season. In fact, many fans were calling for Hanson to unretire before Matt Prater joined the team. Prater has done a pretty solid job after a shaky start, but having the reliability of Hanson would definitely be nice.

If you could add a Lions legend to the 2014 team, who would you pick?

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