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NFL power rankings, Week 12: Lions fall, but only slightly

The Detroit Lions' loss on Sunday only slightly dropped them in this week's NFL power rankings.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the Detroit Lions playing the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, they were matched up against one of the top teams in NFL power rankings. With this in mind, it's no surprise that the Lions didn't exactly get hit too hard in this week's power rankings for their loss on Sunday. Take a look:

The Lions only dropped slightly in most power rankings, and actually kept them in the same spot as last week. As it stands right now, the Lions are still a top-eight team in all of the above the power rankings, and they're only one spot away from the top five on SB Nation.

Just like last week, the Lions have another highly ranked team on the schedule this week. The New England Patriots are currently ranked second (SB Nation), first (, first (ESPN), second (CBS Sports) and first (FOX Sports). A second consecutive loss would likely drop the Lions more than just one or two spots, but a win could vault them right back into the top five.