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Week 12 NFL picks against the spread: A stuffing before Thanksgiving makes Tom Brady sad

Here are your Week 12 NFL picks against the spread.

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No dumbbells here, just my picks.

RAIDERS (+7) over Chiefs

The Raiders may be winless, but they're 5-5 against the spread this year and desperate for a win against a team that is probably hoping it can sleepwalk through Week 12 and into a Week 13 showdown against the Broncos. Oh, and happy belated anniversary of your last win, Raiders!

BROWNS (+3) over Falcons

Josh Gordon is back!

Jets (+4.5 feet of snow) over BILLS

Bills are under the snow. UPDATE: This game might be played at Ford Field! Jim Schwartz must be thrilled.

BEARS (-5.5) over Buccaneers

Lovie Smith will not be carried off Soldier Field.

COLTS (-14) over Jaguars

Take-out-your-frustrations-from-last-week Game of the Week.

VIKINGS (+9.5) over Packers

That Ben Tate signing is really going to put the Vikings over the top of this spread. (Not really, but they'll cover, I think.)

PATRIOTS (-7) over Lions

If this year's team is anything like 2011's -- playoff bound -- then this will be 2011's Week 10. I wish it weren't so. Wink-wink Lions probably blow them out caveats apply.

(P.S. Jonas Gray, who scored four touchdowns last Sunday night, is from Detroit and idolized Barry Sanders growing up. You can't hate that.)

Titans (+11) over EAGLES

The Titans have been outscored 114-48 during their current four-game road losing streak, but Mark Sanchez.

Bengals (+1.5) over TEXANS

Bengals avenge their 2011 and 2012 playoff losses when J.J. Watt throws an incomplete pass to himself late in the game.

CHARGERS (-4.5) over Rams

Philip Rivers silences the Rams and anybody trying to take licks at his ribs.

SEAHAWKS (-6.5) over Cardinals

The Seahawks knock the Cardinals down a peg like the Cardinals did to the Seahawks last year.

BRONCOS (-7) over Dolphins

I could actually see this one going the other way, as Peyton Manning has struggled against the Dolphins in his career (18 touchdowns, 18 interceptions), but despite that and the rash of injuries, I'm going to give Manning and the Broncos the benefit of the doubt.

Redskins (+9) over 49ERS

The 49ers haven't won very convincingly the past couple weeks, and RGIII's really been focused on the 49ers. Have you heard his interview? I don't blame him -- Francisco is fun to say.

Cowboys (-3.5) over GIANTS

Eli Manning has a lot of interceptions to catch up on. He started last week with five.

SAINTS (-3.5) over Ravens

It has been almost 10 years since the Saints have lost three in a row at home. It's do-or-I-guess-they-could-still-compete-for-the-division-at-4-7 time.




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