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Lions notes: Thanksgiving halftime show announced

Lions notes looks at the Thanksgiving halftime show, Joe Lombardi's plan to simplify the offense and much more.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
  • The halftime show for this year's Thanksgiving game has finally been announced: Go here for more information.

  • The Detroit Lions' captains this week are Matthew Stafford (offense), Rashean Mathis (defense) and Jed Collins (special teams).

  • In an effort to get the offense to play better, Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi is simplifying his game plan this week.
  • Not only are the Lions playing host to Monday night's Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game, but they're also playing host to the Bills at their practice facility this weekend. Since the Bills were unable to practice in Buffalo, they flew to Detroit on Friday and later held a practice at the Lions' facility in Allen Park. That must have been a very odd experience for Jim Schwartz with him returning to his old stomping grounds. (By the way, some Bills players had to be picked up by snowmobile in order to get to the airport to fly out of Buffalo. Talk about a wild situation.)

  • Good news: Jerome Boger is not officiating the Lions' game on Sunday.
  • The Lions worked out three defensive backs this week.

  • The Lions really can't afford to rely on making a late comeback on Sunday given their opponent and the location of the game.
  • Yikes:
  • After being released by the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this week, running back LeGarrette Blount re-signed with the New England Patriots.