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Who is the Lions' 'craftiest' player?

Who is the Detroit Lions' "craftiest" player?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This week's question from Marshall Faulk has to do with crafty players. Specifically, Faulk is interested in hearing about the craftiest veterans on each team and what makes them deserving of that description.

When I hear the word "crafty" associated with a football player, I generally think of a talented offensive lineman who is able to hide when he holds an opposing player. For the Detroit Lions, given how bad their offensive line has been this season, I don't think anybody really fits that description all that well.

Instead, Calvin Johnson comes to mind as a player who is able to get away with a lot because he is so crafty. A perfect example is the difference between him and a rookie like Eric Ebron. Ebron, for example, blatantly pushed off a defender a couple weeks ago and drew an offensive pass interference penalty as a result. That's a type of move that Johnson constantly uses to create separation, but he is able to do it much more subtly despite being so big and strong.

In other words, it's the little things like that that make Johnson such a great player. Obviously his athleticism alone gives him a big advantage over opposing players, but crafty things like creating separation without drawing a flag really take him over the top.

Who do you think is the Lions' "craftiest" player?

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