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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Thursday

A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Thursday.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Thursday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On how the offensive line can build off of a good performance against Atlanta: "I think that this day and age it's a very difficult thing to do because of the exceptional pass rushers. Obviously, the guys did a nice job. It's not just one phase as I always mention. I think often times people want to focus on one part, it's not just the offensive line. The backs did a nice job blocking, tight ends did a nice job as well because they're in protection. The quarterback got the ball out on time, the receivers ran the routes, got open and gave him available targets to get to. All of that plays a part in it. We just have to continue to try to get better."

On his reaction about playing in London next year: "I knew it was coming. That's next year, we have our problems this year obviously. But, we're certainly happy to represent the league over there again next year."

On what he can take from the experience of being to London already: "Just the experience in itself obviously, because once you've been through it you've got a sense of it. You know some adjustments you'd make. We debrief after every trip and try to see areas in which we can improve upon, so all of those resources and all of that prep work will assist us in terms of going over and acclimating quickly."

On if he still wants to be in London for a whole week prior to the game: "It's not one of those things where I'm thinking about it right now. When time comes next year and we go through the exercise we'll come up with a determination."

On how difficult it was adjusting to the changes in London: "It was one where I think the timing was good for us. We always talk about being able to play anywhere, anytime. We talk about sometimes, home, away, your house, my house, the parking lot and now we can also say overseas. All of those I think are experiences that we'll benefit from."

On if the struggles they had against Atlanta had anything to do with being in London: " No, execution, lack thereof."

On if there is a bonus not having to go to Arrowhead Stadium next season to play the Chiefs: "I'm not certain that's a huge advantage because you still have to go play the game. It's one of those things that I think it adds a little flavor to the game because it's on foreign land with a great group of folks that appreciate our game. I think our guys enjoyed that."

On how practice has been this week: "Practice yesterday was very good. I think routine is something that they adjust to rather quickly. Typically, you'll find some ups and downs, maybe some things that guys make mistakes on but they haven't made mistakes in several weeks, we didn't have any of that. They seemed to be able to adapt extremely well but the proof's in the pudding. I can tell you about practice and how it goes but what it really boils down to is how we play. Just in terms of our practice and preparation, yesterday was good, today's another day. We'll see how that goes."

On how close he came to hiring Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor and what he thinks of their offense: "Obviously there were a number of different people that supposedly we had talked to. It was before I had the job so I think that the things that we did subsequent to that, the guys that we interviewed, he was already gone to Miami at that time. I can tell you about the offense. It's a very difficult offense to deal with, certainly when you're dealing with explosive athletes which they have at a number of different positions. The receivers, the quarterback really makes it go, and I think (Ryan) Tannehill is probably as well suited for him because he adds that extra dimension of being able to run as well as throw the ball. I think they do a nice job and they really create some problems for you."

On if LB Kyle Van Noy looks like he is ready to get in the rotation this week: "He will play. He will play on special teams and he'll play scrimmage downs. So I think that probably answers it, right?"

On how he knows Lazor: "Through mutual acquaintances and historical sort of a background. Most guys in coaching at some point in time, if you've been coaching as long as I have they're going to have coached with somebody that I know. That's basically it."

On what Van Noy brings to the defense: "Obviously because of the fact that he was injured and hadn't had a chance to really get out there for an extended period of time to see what he can do. We certainly know he's capable, he's a guy that can run and he's athletic. I think you'll find that he'll be good in the run or pass. I don't expect him to come out and set the world on fire. That's the problem that you get, I know with the media, and some of you guys are probably tweeting something right now. The young man has a chance to kind of develop, get going, get his feet underneath things and see how it does. Don't expect him to go out and play like a 15 year vet. This is a fast game and it's a difficult game for a young guy. He has the skills and ability to get in there and contribute well for us."

On if TE Joseph Fauria will play this week: "I'm not certainly putting a ‘next week' tag on anybody. Just kind of seeing how we go and how they develop, how they go through the course of the week, and make a determination closer to game-time."

On how Fauria looked in practice yesterday: "Ok. He did alright, yeah."

On where Fauria looks limited in terms of what he could do on the field: "I'm not certain I want to go through and kind access his physical status at this point but I can tell you he's improving."

On what kind of look does a two back set offer to an opposing defense: "It's nice to have a full complement of backs that can do so many different things. Obviously you have to include (Jed) Collins as well. Having an opportunity to kind of give them multiple sort of looks, different styles of backs, and not really knowing exactly what they're going get from them because they all have comparable skills in some areas. I think it'll certainly add something to our offense."

On Dolphins WR Mike Wallace: "He's fast, obviously he's one of the faster guys in the League, so that tells you that he can certainly take the top off of your coverages. He can beat you deep, catching the ball underneath, he can turn it into long gains. He's got a lot of speed and is a veteran guy that's been around."

On if the injuries on the offensive side of the ball will make Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi a better coordinator down the road: "Well, one of the things that is without question is that he's a guy that can adapt quickly and he's got a quick and resourceful mind. Obviously, with some of the issues that we've been dealing with, it takes a pretty smart guy to be able to adjust on the run because it's not just a matter of guys being down, where you have an opportunity to prepare during the course of the week. It's when it happens during a game, that's the challenge. So, you go from a mode where you have maybe a number of plays listed that you were going to utilize and run against certain situations, and all of the sudden you have to turn that around a little bit and start to use maybe a limited amount or maybe even insert someone in the spot that they may not be totally accustomed to, but yet give them things where they can be successful. So, I think that's a real skill."

On how difficult it is to focus on the task at hand when you lose a loved one, in regards to the passing of Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin's father: "Personally, I haven't experienced that kind of grief and loss, where certainly my father is still living, he and my mother both. Eighty years old, my mom is 81, her birthday was a couple of days ago, but I probably can relate it to a couple of things. I think a death of a child is far different than that. I don't even want to know what that's like in regard to Tony's (Dungy) situation. But the only thing I can equate it to was, there was a couple of years ago and it had to be between 2009-2011, I can't tell you exactly which one it was, but I was talking to Dick Jauron. And I think Dick was the head coach at Buffalo at the time, I believe. Dick's a very thoughtful guy and he and I were kind of carrying on a discussion about family and things of that nature in between one of the meetings and he just told me that his father passed away. He said to me that it left a hole in his heart, is kind of how he described it because of the fact that his father was so supportive. After every ball game, win or lose, his dad usually spoke with him and encouraged him and I think he missed that. I think all of us have a sense of what that would be like without your dad around. They're your biggest fan. They think you can walk on the moon and so I know it's a tough time for Joe (Philbin). It sort of makes us look at our own mortality and we certainly send our condolences to him and his family."

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