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Lions fantasy football matchup of Week 10

Get ready for Week 10 of the season with a fantasy football-focused look at the Detroit Lions' game against the Miami Dolphins.

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MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: RB Reggie Bush vs. Dolphins

There really isn't a very good fantasy matchup this week against the Dolphins. The On Paper score prediction of 16-10 should indicate as much. The Dolphins are good defensively and their offense is good enough, especially of late (Ryan Tannehill has thrown for over 750 yards, six touchdowns and just one interception the last three weeks combined).

I have a feeling about Bush this week, though.

Despite an ankle injury that has limited him in recent weeks, sidelining him entirely in Minnesota and London, Bush was a full participant in practice the latter half of this week. Barring a setback between now and Sunday, he is expected to be RB1 against his former team.

Why do I feel good about Bush? Is it just because of the intangible that he's going up against his former team and might be seeking revenge (for something)? Maybe.

The Dolphins are also most susceptible to opposing running backs. While they are top five against opposing quarterbacks and wide receivers in fantasy, they are just 14th against running backs. Further, the Dolphins have a weakness where Bush can hurt them most -- in open space in the middle of the field.

Jeremy Reisman did a fantastic job breaking down how the Dolphins' propensity to blitz often leaves holes in the middle of the field, which the Kansas City Chiefs' running backs took advantage of in Week 3 to the tune of 52 total fantasy points. Using Bush out of the backfield, as they tend to do more often when they're at home, the Lions can take advantage of this, and the blueprint for how to exploit the Dolphins' defense is in the play they ran against another AFC opponent last year.

I'm rolling the dice with Bush in one of my leagues this week.


Week 1: Calvin Johnson vs. Giants - 7 catches (11 targets), 164 yards, 2 TD
Week 2: Golden Tate vs. Panthers - 5 catches (8 targets), 57 yards
Week 3: Reggie Bush vs. Packers - 12 carries, 61 yards, 1 TD, 6 catches (8 targets), 38 yards
Week 4: Eric Ebron vs. Jets - 3 catches (4 targets), 34 yards, 1 TD
Week 5: Lions D/ST vs. Bills - 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 TD
Week 6: Golden Tate vs. Vikings - 7 catches (12 targets), 44 yards
Week 7: Matthew Stafford vs. Saints - 27/40, 299 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, 1 yard rushing
Week 8: Matthew Stafford vs. Falcons - 24/47, 325 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 9 yards rushing


Mark Sanchez (vs. Panthers on MNF) or Matthew Stafford? (new feature since sleepers were zzzzz)

This is a question I'm presented with in one of my leagues (and after they were drafted), and this is where I will give the ultimate answer.

I can't believe it's even a question, but ESPN, including the esteemed Matthew Berry, seems to think Sanchez is the play here. Sanchez is ranked ahead of Stafford and projected to score seven more points in Week 10.

I don't think Sanchez is the play here.

Sure, Sanchez played well in a high-powered offense for the injured Nick Foles last week, throwing for over 200 yards and a couple touchdowns in three quarters of football, but it was against a Houston Texans defense that is 29th against the pass. The Panthers are not much better -- Stafford threw for 291 yards against them in Week 2 -- but they're better and they'll be hungrier against a conference opponent on Monday Night Football.

But the Dolphins are No. 2 against opposing QBs in fantasy and just forced Philip Flippin' Rivers to negative points last week! You mean that guy I rightfully told you to bench for Stafford two weeks ago? Juuuuuust making sure I have the right guy. (Hey, I was right by a point.)

Stafford gets his monster Megatron back and has developed a rapport with Golden Tate that should be feared. Plus, see the Bush commentary above -- Stafford is going to have weapons for the first time in weeks and holes to pick apart.

Sanchez was a good guy to pick up during the week in the event he materializes into a top quarterback, a la Foles, but you didn't draft Stafford in the top 5-6 rounds to bench him in a Week 10 home game after the bye week with a healthy Calvin Johnson so you can roll with Mark Sanchez in his first start in two years. Chip Kelly, Chip Smelly.

I think ESPN will be proven wrong.


Stafford's Registry (me, 6-3) 120.52, Tate's Golden Shower (JCruize, 7-2) 110.02

Behind Jeremy Hill (28), Alfred Morris (22) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (23), I was able to take down Peyton Manning (25) and Jeremy Maclin (28). Unexpected, but beautiful, especially since I continue to play without any production from the tight end position. Surprisingly, this was the tightest game of the week, as the rest of the games averaged a margin of roughly 45 points -- a week of blowouts.


Moves Like Xanders (Sean Yuille, 5-4) vs. Stafford's Registry (me, 6-3)

It might not really be the matchup of the week, but I had to! Sean is projected to beat me by 12 this week to even our records, which is more likely to happen now that both of my running backs played on Thursday night and combined for an Ohioan effort. I also don't like that I'm hedging my bets by starting two Dolphins and Sean's second-favorite NFC North starting quarterback this week.


I lost $50 in Week 8 and another $56 in Week 9, bringing my season total to $73.80.

Here's my favorite Week 10 team:

QB Matt Ryan vs. Buccaneers $7,800
RB DeMarco Murray vs. Jaguars $9,300
RB Reggie Bush vs. Dolphins $6,600
WR Kelvin Benjamin vs. Eagles $6,700
WR Julio Jones vs. Buccaneers $8,000
WR Michael Crabtree vs. Saints $6,400
TE Heath Miller vs. Jets $5,300
K Robbie Gould vs. Packers $4,500
D Seattle Seahawks vs. Giants $5,400

Remaining salary: $0

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a $300,000 one-week fantasy football league this weekend. It's $5 to join and first place wins $25,000. League starts Sunday 1 PM ET and ends on Monday night. Here's the link.

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