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Lions put Joseph Fauria on IR, re-sign Kellen Davis

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Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria is officially out for the season.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Joseph Fauria's season has officially come to an end. The Detroit Lions placed Fauria on injured reserve on Wednesday after he reinjured his ankle on Sunday. The original ankle injury, which was caused by a mishap involving his dog, kept Fauria out for six games. He actually scored a touchdown on Sunday after reinjuring his ankle, but he won't be back again this season.

With Fauria done for the year, the Lions have re-signed tight end Kellen Davis. Davis first joined the Lions before their trip to London back in October. He ended up making three appearances with the Lions before being released when the team finally got healthy at the tight end position. With another injury occurring, Davis is once again back on the team.

In other roster news, the Lions filled their two vacant spots on the practice squad by signing wide receiver Skye Dawson and linebacker Jerrell Harris. Harris was actually just released on Tuesday, but with safety Jerome Couplin being signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, Harris is back on the practice squad.

Also on Tuesday, the Lions released fullback Montell Owens from injured reserve.