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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Thursday

A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Thursday.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Thursday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On how he evaluates the performance of a quarterback coach: "Probably the way we evaluate everything in this league: performance, business, it's a meritocracy. You look at it from that standpoint."

On how Jim Bob Cooter has done with QB Matthew Stafford to this point: "Good, he's done well."

On if he's noticed anything improve in Stafford's game: "I think, obviously you can't just look at numbers and make a determination, it's how you teach and what you teach, how they grasp information and all those kinds of things, interaction. But, the bottom line is performance. That's the bottom line."

On if RT LaAdrian Waddle suffered a concussion in practice yesterday: "We don't talk about injuries, when they happened, what happened or anything of that nature. Check the report and that's about all we give."

On if a head injury is a concussion: "Whatever you see on the report. That's what it is."

On if he looks at players' performance by quarters: "Not really, not in that sense. Obviously, you look at team performance that way but you're really trying to determine the performance all the way through with no real delineation in terms of when it begins and ends and starting over, things of that nature."

On his opinion of the league's new conduct policy: "We haven't been privy to all the information as of yet, so at some point in time I'm certain we'll get the documentation."

On Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer's ability to disguise his defenses: "The big thing is they create conflicts with your protections. They create conflicts with your responsibilities and they have looks that you can't tell exactly where they're coming from and thus, often times it's kind of designed to whatever choice you make, it's like a chess match. Sometimes you're going to be right and sometimes you're going to be wrong, but you better know when you're wrong, otherwise you'll have some problems."

On his evaluation of the offensive line play last weekend: "Like I said, one sack is too many. The most important thing for us is winning. Not everything is going to be perfect in the game."

On if the offensive line starts practice outside: "Sometimes, yes."

On the reason the offensive line starts practice outside: "Yeah, it kind of depends. Sometimes we want to take a little something off the legs and we go out. Other times there may be an acclimation to the climate before we actually have to do it. It's a little bit of both."

On how he feels they have done this season playing at home and against division opponents: "It's yet to be seen really. I think you have to look at the entire season as a whole once you're finished and try to make some assessment of what you've done. That's kind of the way we like to look at it. I think the minute you start assessing and particularly looking at things that affect the entire season you're heading into a little bit of trouble. You better stay focused and that's our goal."

On being 6-1 at home: "It's not good enough. We'll talk about it at some point in time when it is."

On if there is a reason behind changing the practice schedule: "Nothing that we'd want to share with you. To be honest with you we have phases of our schedule that we adjust through the course of the year, it's no big issue. Certain times of the year that we think benefits us and this is the time of the year we decided to make another change, which we think will benefit us in the long run."

On what some of the changes are that need to be made with a 4 p.m. game: "None, no adjustment for us in that regard. It's different when it's a night game sometimes but afternoon game there's not a whole lot of adjustments that you make."

On how they will occupy the extra time in the morning on Sunday: "We don't do anything special or anything unusual. For the most part it's really, night games you meet during the morning and that kind of thing. Games that are in the middle of the afternoon you don't necessarily want to utilize that time for that. It gives them a little bit more time to rest."

On updates about DT Nick Fairley: "Certainly I think you probably seen him around a little bit. You can tell that his spirits are up and he's improving, which is great."

On if Fairley's activity is ramping up: "Yes. He's into a little different phase now in terms of the rehab and hopefully he continues to improve."      

On CB Cassius Vaughn's recent play: "He's a veteran guy. He's better acquainted with his responsibilities and he loves to play. He has great passion for it, he's very studious and I think you see that his play has been improving. But every week is a brand new challenge. It's a difficult league to play in and he's going to get a real challenge this week, particularly with the kind of speed that he's going to have to deal with on the inside."

On being settled with a nickel cornerback in Vaughn: "I don't know if there's ever a situation particularly, it's not like I'm superstitious, but I like routine. But certainly the minute you start talking about the position and the health of it and all of that kind of stuff, something goes awry. I can just tell you overall, we're pleased with the ways our guys are progressing and we hope that continues."

On what the defense has missed with DT Nick Fairley being out: "Obviously, you just don't find very many guys that are that big, that fast, that strong and that disruptive. And although we've been able to play quite well, C.J. (Mosley) stepped in and played well, Flue (Andre Fluellen) stepped in and played well. Obviously, it's required that (Ndamukong) Suh has played a few more snaps than maybe we'd like in some cases. So, we've had to make some adjustments to sort of compensate for his absence."

On if there's a concern that RB Reggie Bush won't be fully healthy this season: "I kind of like when you asked that question because I think you may have asked about three weeks ago whether we were kind of seeing the demise of Calvin (Johnson). So, I kind of like that question because I think he responded in a way in which was appropriate. I think you're going to find that Reggie will do the same at some point as well."

On if Bush sitting out on Wednesday was just precautionary: "There are sometimes where we make adjustments accordingly, where we have to. And I'm not necessarily saying that is one of those situations in that case, but we do adjust and compensate for guys. Particularly, once they've been in the League a little while, you have to look out for them."