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Week 15 NFL picks against the spread: Going viral

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Here are your Week 15 NFL picks against the spread.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Something is going around the Detroit Lions, and I probably have it. I have been coughing and (redacted) and (redacted) for a week. It has not been pleasant. These nose picks may require a doctor's attention before it spreads elsewhere:

RAMS (-4.5) over Cardinals

Shaun Hill vs. Drew Stanton. Winner gets to back up Matthew Stafford in an alternate world.

FALCONS (+2.5) over Steelers

Another high-scoring affair like the Falcons' MNF game against the Packers. Falcons prevail in this one.

BILLS (+4.5) over Packers

Carry Jim Schwartz off the field! I beg you.

Bengals (+1) over BROWNS

Johnny Football's first career start gets the spread to flip. If I had a million disposable dollars to gamble away, I would put it on the Bengals here. (Johnny Manziel money sign thing.)

COLTS (-6.5) over Texans

Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton 30 times overcomes another J.J. Watt freakish performance.

CHIEFS (-10) over Raiders

The Chiefs have had a full week to realize they can't overlook anybody in the NFL. Vengeance game.

PATRIOTS (-7.5) over Dolphins

Speaking of vengeance. This will be Week 1 revenge.

GIANTS (-6.5) over Redskins

Colt McCoy would play in a neck brace before Jay Gruden went back to RGIII.

Bucs (+3) over PANTHERS

I liked the Panthers this week until their starting quarterback got into a car accident and broke his back.

RAVENS (-14) over Jaguars

The Jags haven't played in Baltimore since 2008, but they'll remember pretty quickly how to lose there.

TITANS (+2) over Jets

Jake Locker is back for the Titans in this week's Watch If You Want To Stay Sick Game of the Week.

Broncos (-4) over CHARGERS

Neither quarterback has looked right recently, but I'll go with Manning here.

LIONS (-7.5) over Vikings

The 34-17 home trifecta, I hope.

SEAHAWKS (-10) over 49ers

What's up, Jim Harbaugh?

Cowboys (+3.5) over EAGLES

Dez Bryant yelling loud noises.

Saints (-3) over BEARS

If I know the Bears like I think I do, they'll lay down against the Saints while looking ahead to ruining this fan's Week 16 hopes and dreams.

Leave your picks in the comments!