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Jim Caldwell discusses Lions' win over Vikings

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A recap of what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say following Sunday's win over the Minnesota Vikings.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say after Sunday's win over the Minnesota Vikings. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening statement: "Well, the long and short of it is obviously that's a good football team we played, regardless of record. We've always talked about that, that we throw the record out the window, particularly a division foe. They played well the first half and our guys got going kind of late and obviously the two interceptions propelled us forward a little bit. I was proud of the way our defense played in the second half and our offense. We had 16 unanswered points there throughout the game once they scored their 14. Our special teams did a nice job with the block. First and eight on the eight and come away with no points obviously made a huge difference in that game. It wasn't pretty, but I thought our guys showed a lot of heart and character there down the stretch."

On DE Jason Jones saying they can taste the postseason: "I hope he's talking about tasting practice next week, ready for the Bears. He probably was talking about that, did you ask him particularly about what he meant? That's probably what it was, I'll clarify for him."

On if the way this game played out is the epitome of how the season has been: "I just think it's the way football is. You just have to be able to win different ways and I think our guys found a way to do that today."

On what he was thinking during the blocked field goal and how important was it: "It was huge because of the fact that there you would kind of anticipate that they would come away with three once we had sacked them and backed them up a little bit. Guys did a nice job of keeping them out of the end zone. You figure at that location, typically guys in this league won't miss them, and it takes effort. JJ (Jason Jones) did a nice job getting his hand in there and getting that thing blocked, so that was huge."

On what it is like to be one game away from clinching a playoff berth: "You know what, I'm not worried about that. I really don't worry about those things at all, don't talk about them, and all we have to worry about is playing the Bears, who's going to be a team that's hungry. We just have to make certain that we're ready to go and match their intensity."

On savoring what is happening with this team: "I'm proud of these guys, I mean, I really am. I'm really proud of the way they play, the way they hang in there, they don't give up. I'll tell you what, our fans were absolutely outstanding today. They were loud and made it difficult for them to operate. They hung in there with us, so they made a tremendous difference obviously in our stadium. Obviously, we'd like to be 8-0 at home, that's our goal. If we want to be a good football team we've got to be able to win all of our home games and we fell one shy of that, so we still got work to do."

On why the team started slow: "You really can't tell until it's kicked off, until it gets rolling. They were humming pretty good, they were moving along pretty well, and we have some penalties there early on that kind of slowed us down. I think we had four in the first half and one in the second half. We did get it straightened out finally, but they got off to a little better start than we did."

On how big S Glover Quin's interception was: "Huge, that's the thing about him, both of those guys at those safety positions have been giving teams problems all year long. They're very heady, they're opportunistic and when they throw it to them they catch it. Glover knows what to do with it when he gets it in his hands too because I think that was a 58-yard return or something like that. He did a tremendous job and also (Darius) Slay. That was a heck of an interception, that was a tough interception to catch and he did a nice job catching it and keeping that ball off the ground. Overall I think both of those two plays really made a difference, you know, 10 points for us which was key."

On why he accepted the penalty, making it 2nd-and-28 instead of declining it and making it 3rd-and-18: "Field goal range. To answer it real simple, field goal range. Get them out of field goal range. Sometimes if they're in field goal range then you decline it, let them kick it because they would kick it anyway. When you can get them outside of field goal range you back them up."

On any updates on T LaAdrian Waddle: No, not yet. Obviously, anytime they get carted off you know it's not good, so we'll see."

On if there is concern that Waddle's season is done: "I'm not certain about that. I'm not certain. I haven't gotten an update yet."

On scoring 16 points today: "Make no apologies for it. For us to win, I'm not going to apologize for that. That's you guy's job to talk about the mole hills. I'm happy that these guys were able to get it done, it's a tough situation. I'm not apologizing for wins and most of the people that are here probably shouldn't either. For the most part this team has been battling, been fighting and I hope none of our guys come in here and apologize for 16 points. I don't care if it was half a point win if they give it to us, particularly against that team the way they were playing. I was proud of those guys."

On what it is about RB Joique Bell that enables him to have clinching plays: "You know, big, strong guy who gets his shoulders square to the ground. He can get the dirty runs for you. I think before we were trying to grind it out, make them use their timeouts. I think he was averaging like 4.8 a carry, which was pretty good against a team in this league. He's just got a knack for those things at the end of the game. Heck of a catch he made with the one hand catch, obviously took us down there in their territory, but his running style is one that he's a grinder. He's a tough runner, he's a gritty runner and he enjoys it down there. He enjoys the dirty work."

On if there was a point being made with RB Theo Riddick getting the first carry of the game: "No. We weren't trying to make a point, it just kind of depends on what play we want to start the game with. We don't typically start with things in mind to help or hurt anyone in that regard."

On if he can get a sense of what going to the playoffs would do for the City of Detroit: "I don't look that far ahead. I'm not into hypothesis, maybes and all that kind of stuff. I'm into what we have to do and we got to keep winning, that's what we have to do. You get your focus deterred a little bit and believe me it comes back to haunt you. I'm trying to tell our guys not to talk about it, worry about it and really you better get worried about resting, taking care of your body and get ready to attack those Bears because it's going to be tough."

On if QB Matthew Stafford not having any turnovers was the most important thing that came out of today: "It's huge. Anytime we were able to get it and didn't give it away. One of the things that you can just take look at it, you can see the teams that are in the upper echelon of your league typically are plus-four or better, and we're just kind of scratching the surface heading into that direction."

On DT Ndamukong Suh's performance: "As he always does, he's tough, he does a tremendous job, great effort and performed well."

On if he sensed that today was a special game for Suh: "Every game is special for him."

On Warren Buffett being at the game: "I wouldn't think that Warren Buffett would show up just anytime or anywhere, right? It's just one of his buddies and he's been mentoring him (Suh). I know they have a close relationship, so maybe this is the only time that he could get here, so I'm not certain."