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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Monday

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A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Monday.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Monday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On RT LaAdrian Waddle's injury: "It doesn't look good for him but we'll continue to look at him. They're doing a little evaluation and things of that nature. We'll have a final word here shortly, next day or so."

On what lessons he learned as a head coach in Indianapolis: "I'd say they're countless. I think you learn something every day and I try to make that a point throughout my life. I think if you stop learning and stop observing that pretty soon you become outdated, stale and ineffective. So yeah, I learned something every day there and I'm learning something every day here as well."

On what he specifically learned: "You name it. I've learned things about strategy, about dealing with people. You learn a little bit more about the people that you're working with, which is invaluable. You learn about opposition for us, obviously being within this division now it's a little bit different. So, we have a lot to learn in that regard, so there are a lot of things."

On what he's learned about this group of guys on the team so far: "Quite a few things. I'll tell you the thing that jumps out at me about this group and what they've shown up to this point. They have grit. They are very rarely deterred when a big challenge comes their way. They're able to hang in there and play with poise down the stretch and overcome some difficult circumstances. They play together, which is quite admirable."

On DE Jason Jones saying they can taste the playoffs and if he is doing anything different to keep the team focused at the task at hand: "No sir."

On what he has to say to the team in that regard: "Not a whole lot, stay focused. That's about it. We'll think of something that meets the times. We have a couple days to do that yet."

On a lot of players never playing in the playoffs before: "And they might not go if they don't start focusing in on this next game either, that's a point to make."

On human nature saying it's tough not to look ahead: "Yeah, man has a lot of problems. Man has a problem with humanism, thinking they're in control of everything. The toughest thing for man to handle is success. Yes, there's no question about that but that's what you battle every day, that's what you fight. That's our job to try to keep them focused knowing that those issues are indeed a reality."

On why S Glover Quin has been able to make big plays in key moments of the game: "I think that the thing that you can point to more often than not when you're looking at a guy who has played so well, it just hasn't started this year. If you've played against him like we have, you could tell right at the onset that the guy studied his craft, he works extremely hard. So, when I watch him and have a chance to see him up close and personal, his work habits are impeccable. This guy is in here early in the morning, he does extra in every single phase. He's a highly, highly intellectual player in terms of just football knowledge and concepts. He's a student of the game, lot of pride in what he does and he does a great job making certain that he communicates with the guys all around him. Just a great leader also. It's his work habits, that's what makes a difference."

On if he believes in the crunch-time gene: "I think that in some sports you can say that because they have the ball in their hands. Football, there's not one guy, typically, that's going to be able to dominate play that well where he can kind of make up his mind that he's going to make a difference and all of the sudden make a play. You have to have somebody rushing the passer to get the ball out on time, those kinds of things that happen in football which is a little bit different. But I can tell you that he always seems to be where the ball is and that's because he hustles, that's because he recognizes quickly and that's because he catches him when they throw it to them as well. He's got a knack for that."

On why football is different than other sports in regards to looking ahead: "Have you read Joe Torre's book? I'm not going to challenge you on that issue but, I don't care what other sports do. It doesn't matter to me. I know what works well within the context of what I've been doing for a long time and I know one thing: If you look ahead your gaze, let me give you a real world sort of example. It's like texting and driving, that's a real world example. You can't have your focus and attention on two things at one time. We know all of the problems and issues that we've had in terms of on the road with that kind of issue. It's no different. Obviously, I'm not talking about the same dire consequences but I'm talking about the example of just distorted vision."

On how the quote ‘Opportunities multiply when seized' applies to the team: "It was one of the things it was actually in the Art of War by Sun Tzu. When I read it I knew it was applicable for our team. I think often times it's like sermons, sayings, quotes, and it hits different people in different ways. I thought it was a great sort of overview of where we were at that time or where we are at this time and he (Quin) took it to heart. I think perhaps there were several others that did the same."

On how much he incorporates the ‘We control our own destiny' dialogue: "I've been saying that from the first day I got here. That's always been our mantra and always will be until it no longer exists, so that's obviously still the case. Matter fact I mentioned it a couple weeks ago when Carlos, remember that discussion, right? You do recall that, right? You guys probably notice I don't forget a whole lot. Old guy, but I still remember. "

On how important it is for players to think in the clutch and not break down mentally: "I think that's part of the example that he (Quin) sets extremely well, as well as a number of other guys on our team. They play as a unit that way, that they just aren't shaken by the moment, that they have supreme focus when you need it, that they're able to move the ball down the field, get in position to get a field goal kick, and go ahead in crunch time. Matthew (Stafford) has had I don't know how many fourth quarter drives now to put us in position to win. Our defense also had to come up with stops, have very important stops at the end of the game, one to keep them out of field goal range, two to keep them from actually scoring touchdowns after they scored the initial two. That's kind of what I was referring to, it's poise but it's also grit that's involved in it. You have to be pretty mentally tough to be able to get that done. Let me just say this, it's week to week. Because you did it last week has no bearing on what you're going to do this week. Our challenge will be greater this week than it was last week so we got a real challenge ahead of us. We'll see how all those things measure up after this weekend."

On how he has seen some of that poise manifest itself on this team: "I think the examples are all across the spectrum. Being down 21 in London and coming back and winning that game. Being down against the Saints and working our way back through it, just example after example, different ways. Sometimes we need a touchdown, sometimes we need field goals and those types of things. Sometimes we need to keep the ball, run the clock out, like we did against the Jets, it was a one possession game. All of those things are perfect examples of what we're talking about."

On some of the messages he has relayed to the players about turnovers: "Nothing is ever accomplished overnight. It just takes work and you have to keep talking about it, you have to keep giving examples and showing examples. It's got to be a weekly sort of discussion to show them the pros and cons of it. Also you have to kind of set the stage for them as well. My thing was early on when we first arrived here is what kind of team do we want to be? In order to be the kind of team we think we want to be then this is where we have to be in terms of our turnover ratio. You have to be plus four or better. I think we may be somewhere in the area of plus eight at this time, somewhere around there, but you got to be in that area in order to be able to play and play well. The other thing that kind of sticks out in my mind, always has, when I started coaching years ago. I remember some of the great guys way back when. Jake Gaither, Woody Hayes, Bo Schembechler, Bear Bryant, Joe Paterno, they always basically said the same thing. They said, ‘If you can play defense, you have a good solid kicking game, and you don't turn the ball over you're going to have an opportunity to win more games than you lose.' I think our team, particularly this past game was a perfect example of that. We may not have been where we'd like to be from an offensive stand point in that game but we played good defense, obviously when we got our feet underneath us. Our special teams were solid, we did block a kick, and those kinds of things, which certainly gave us a bit of an edge even though we had a couple lapses, it's not perfect. We did not turn the ball over and we always kind of throw another one in there just in terms of our penalty ratio. We just think that's something that could hurt you as well. We had a couple more than we like but we still had five I believe overall."

On his evaluation of QB Matthew Stafford's performance on Sunday: "I think he did a nice job. He made some plays when we had to have them and it wasn't pretty. I think his numbers aren't going to jump off the wall at you. That position, there are going to be games where you're not going to be 75-percent or 76-percent and three touchdowns and that kind of thing. It was just one of those games. I think you can look across the spectrum of our league and you'll see a number of examples that jump right out at you. But I think he hung in there and did a nice job for us."

On Stafford's growth in leadership and his ability to lead the offense in comeback wins: "He's like a bit of a riverboat gambler in that regard, with a short memory. He goes out, he plays hard, if things don't go quite where you'd like them, certainly he's disappointed about it when he comes off onto the sideline. But he can reset pretty quickly and I think that's a valuable skill at that position."

On what C Dominic Raiola has added to the locker room this season, which may be his last: "I'm not going to answer it in that context because of the fact that there's a lot of football yet to be played. But I can tell you what he's been able to do for us and then obviously, his leadership is invaluable. What he does on and off the field is just absolutely incredible. The example he sets for the young guys that are in that room and our team as well, but he's one of those guys that never stops. A high-effort, high-energy guy and he loves his craft."

On how much belief factors into how far this team can go: "Well first of all, they have to believe in what they're doing. So, the coaches do a great job in terms of teaching and instructing and educating. The other part of that is, you begin to believe when you practice well, consistently. When you know you can do it well because of the fact that you gained confidence in what you do through practice. And then from that, obviously, your set of beliefs become even stronger in that sense and you can add a few victories in there and it really kind of helps things go your way. I think our guys have sort of followed that pattern."

On the team bringing in rugby player Jarryd Hayne and if it was for a workout: "The answer to that would be no, but he did a workout for several different teams out in San Diego. So, he was traveling around the country to take a look at different locations in this league and thus, that was one of those visits."

On if the team is interested in signing him at this point: "We take a look at a lot of different people all of the time. It's a constant sort of exploration for us, where we're always trying to look to find ways to improve and we're looking at every option that's out there available to us."

On RB Reggie Bush's performance yesterday: "I think he got what was there. I just don't think there was any great opportunity for him to get loose, but he got what was there."

On what he says to his wife or kids when they bring up the playoffs: "You could imagine. With you, you haven't quite been around me enough. With them, they have, so you could imagine what happens. They don't ask me that. We don't talk about it. It's not an issue, but they also know how hard it is to do. That's one of the things that you hear people often times say even before they're in to an endeavor, the playoffs or whatever. We have a four-game playoff right now. You have to earn your way into the playoffs. You don't talk your way in, you earn your way in. That's the thing about it, we haven't earned it yet. So, we still have to go to work."