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Lions notes: Jim Caldwell, Calvin Johnson, more

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Lions notes looks at Jim Caldwell, Calvin Johnson and much more.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
  • Jim Caldwell has had some great quotes over the last couple of days about not looking ahead to the playoffs. So just remember, kids, don't look ahead to the playoffs, and don't text and drive.

  • Caldwell made some history on Sunday by recording his 10th win as head coach of the Detroit Lions.
  • Calvin Johnson is a finalist for the inaugural NFL Sportsmanship Award.
  • The Lions certainly don't panic when they get down by 14+ points.
  • It sounds like the Lions have serious interest in signing Australian rugby star Jarryd Hayne.

  • The announcers for Sunday's game between the Lions and Chicago Bears are going to be Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

  • As if field goals weren't difficult enough for the Lions, the NFL is going to start experimenting with narrower goal posts.
  • Go read this story about Andrew Luck's unique approach to trash talking. It's a pretty entertaining read.