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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Thursday

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A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Thursday.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Thursday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On if they have to go back and look at the film to prepare for Bears QB Jimmy Clausen: "Yeah, which we did last night. We heard fairly early, so we had a chance to take a look at him. There's always still a question of whether they'll do the same things that they've been doing with him. So, they'll certainly be a bit of an unknown there, but we certainly have a chance. There's enough tape on him in preseason and things of that nature to get a good look at him."

On the differences between his game and QB Jay Cutler's game: "Cutler's a little different guy. He's a pretty incredible quarterback just in terms of athleticism, ability and those kinds of things. He's got experience, but Clausen's very capable."

On what he thought of Clausen coming out of college: "Capable, he's got what you're looking for. Accurate guy coming out of college, good leader and he'll certainly do exactly what he's doing now."

On if he goes back to look at college film on Clausen: "No, just through 2010, not necessarily through college. You'd do that to get an assessment of his abilities if you didn't really know, but we've had a pretty good look at him."

On if the team has talked to WR Golden Tate regarding Clausen: "I haven't done so but I'm sure that a couple of the defensive guys have spoken with him or will speak to him about it."

On if he just looks at mechanics from Clausen's time in Carolina: "Yeah, just kind of look at how he operates and different scenarios."

On how the Bears' current situation makes them different on the field: "It's so difficult to make a determination. First of all, you don't worry about it because it has no bearing on you and your team, because it has little bearing, often times, of what you get on the field. You find that sometimes, some controversy will galvanize them and things of that nature. You really try to focus in on the things that you know you'll see and react accordingly."

On if getting to the Clausen early is a must: "It depends, it just kind of depends on what our plan is, how we best kind of utilize our people in terms of what we're trying to get done. There are a lot of other people to worry about on that team too. They do have a very talented core of wide receivers, tight ends and (Matt) Forte is as good as they come. So, there are a lot of factors involved, not just one guy."

On how they expect Forte to be used differently: "I'd anticipate that he's going to get the ball a lot more."

On having the type of player that Forte is: "I think he was leading their team at one point in catches, receptions, obviously leading their teams in terms of yardage, but he's a very dangerous guy. He's so versatile. He doesn't waste any motion, very good vision. He can be a problem."

On how surprised he was that the Bears went away from Forte in the first matchup: "Every game's a little bit different. They'll adjust according to what they think they see and certainly look at us and make a determination of what they can do this time around."

On if he was surprised that Cutler was benched: "I try to not to evaluate what other people do and the reasons why. We're not in their building, we don't know what's going on, so I tend not to comment on those things."

On what a team looks for when making a quarterback change: "Like I said, every team's a little different. All the circumstances are a little bit different in that regard. You have to take each team for the issues that they have. We had different issues (in Indianapolis), it was a different point in time. So, the way we handled it doesn't mean it will correlate."

On if the Bears passing attack will be limited because of Clausen not being up to speed: "This year we've had a couple backup quarterbacks that have stepped in and played pretty well against us. Obviously, (Drew) Stanton played pretty well and (Kyle) Orton stepped in and played extremely well. We're guarded about all that stuff, we're trying to make sure that we're functioning as well as we possibly can. It doesn't matter, if he's got on a uniform in the National Football League, that guy can play. They can make some things happen."

On why some of the backup quarterbacks have played well against them: "They executed and executed well. I think we didn't execute as well as we're capable, but it just goes to show that whoever is out there can play."

On if there was anything that teams with backup quarterbacks did that they didn't expect: "Not really, I'm sure that they'll narrow it down. Within the first three series you're going to have a pretty good idea of what they'll like to do, it's just whether or not you could stop it."

On if there is something to be said about a team that has nothing to lose: "One of the things that I think you probably notice is that there are not a whole lot of people that make a lot of money probably betting on NFL games because it's so up and down, and so much parity. I think this was a case and point as well. These guys still have a lot of talent on that team and we never look at who's favored and that kind of thing because it really doesn't matter. It depends on what happens between those white lines and they're very capable and they can play."

On what he likes about CB Josh Thomas: "He's got quickness, tough and versatile. He's played a lot of different spots, helps you on special teams as well, so we're anxious to get a chance to work with him."

On if he asked Thomas about what happened in New York: "No. I let him put those things behind him and move on, but I do know about the reports."

On what didn't he see from WR TJ Jones that kept him from the active roster and if numbers had anything to do with it: "More so than anything else, numbers. Who do we take out of that group, you know what I mean? It's tough enough and we can't get a couple guys on the active (roster) right now with the guys that we have. Adding to that number wouldn't have helped us."

On if Jones wasn't added to the active roster because of injury: "Obviously, everybody is dealing with something. He's still coming along, but it was more so that than anything else."

On if he anticipates T LaAdrian Waddle having surgery: "That's still for the doctors to determine but I think that's probably where they're headed, it takes them a couple of weeks. Now-a-days they do things a little bit differently with the way in which they get you prepared for surgery. Back in the old days they went in probably right away. Now-a-days they strengthen, look at different ways to kind of go about it and once they get it strengthened up I think it cuts the rehab time down considerably. I think that's where they are with it."

On if Waddle tore his ACL: "The actual prognosis and those kinds of details, I couldn't give you right now at this particular time, but he does have some problems."

On if they plan to promote from within to replace Waddle: "At this stage, right now, we do have guys that have been in there playing for us. Luc (Cornelius Lucas) has been doing a nice job in there. We still have Garrett (Reynolds) obviously who can bounce back and forth to guard or tackle, so we feel good about that."

On if they plan to add a tackle to the roster: "Not today."   

On how he went about molding his team: "One of the things that I felt was extremely important was just setting the stage for exactly what we're looking for. You don't do a lot of comparative analysis for the most part. You kind of wipe the slate clean, look at who you have, look at what they're all about, but tell them what you're looking for and I think try to be as straight forward as we possibly can in that regard. Tell them what we're looking for, just in terms of the activities on the field. Tell them what we're looking for, just in terms of their activities in the weight room and working out, those kinds of things. Dedication, discipline within the classroom setting. We work through all of those things and I think if you're clear with them in that regard that you have a chance to at least meet your goals. We set them high and we set them lofty, so they're not easy to obtain."

On if there was a specific time where he sensed that the team had bought in: "Anytime that you have a couple of real significant victories, particularly those that are hard-fought, where you come from behind, I think those give you a little bit of a boost because not only do they reinforce what you've been teaching, but then also, I think they start to feel good about one another. They start to galvanize, they believe in one another a little bit more. It's very difficult to do that when things aren't going your way in terms of losses. So, I think as much as anything else that probably assisted. The unique part of that is the fact that there's a lot of guys here who I think that are real hungry, just kind of increasing their appetite to win I think was something that was important to them."

On how close the current team is to the mold he hoped to create: "It's getting there, it's pretty close. I think every day is a learning experience. This week is big for us. We talk about the mentality of being an indoor team with an outdoor mentality, well let's see. Let's see if we can develop it into our practices, let's see if we can perform it on the field. That's kind of where we are."

On how Lucas has adjusted to his playing field promotions and how much it will help him going forward: "He's been tremendous in that regard because of the fact that one of the things that I probably mentioned early on when we did have some injuries and it looked like we were a little short in different spots, that in the long run, sometimes that helps you because towards the end of the year you end up with several guys that can play the position. When Garrett (Reynolds), when Luc (Cornelius Lucas) early on in the season, it certainly gave us, I think, some valuable experience with those guys because we were able to do that and then also win. That's key and I think Luc having an opportunity to play as much as he's played as a young guy, you can see he has talent and ability. And the more he plays, I think the better he'll get."