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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Friday

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A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Friday.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Friday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On what would it mean to get 11 wins and be tied for most wins in a season in franchise history: "I think first thing's first, it's tough for me to kind of describe it to you, but it's almost like someone who begins to spend money before they have it. We haven't gotten there yet and whenever that time arrives I'll have a chance to reflect up on it at that particular time and expound on it a little more."

On what milestones he would celebrate: "When we get there. We'll talk about them when we get there."

On if there is a balance point with focusing on the week ahead but knowing if you win you're in the playoffs: "It is but it's still a word that you just said that's the most important and that's ‘if'. That's the big thing, it's still in question, it has to get done, and once it's done I think you can discuss and talk about it."  

On if he would consider resting players if Philadelphia loses on Saturday: "No."

On if he will be watching the Eagles play on Saturday: "No."

On why he won't be watching the Eagles game on Saturday: "We have more important things going on for us at that particular point in time and that's to win."

On if he gets a sense of excitement in this town: "Obviously, we can certainly feel the electricity in the stadium, I mean we get a sense of that. For the most part coaches are kind of sequestered over here in the building for the most part. I've been out a few times, different places and I certainly can tell. There's no question about it, I mean the fans have always been great to us, but I can certainly sense the heightened sense of awareness in terms of them being proud of their team, and like where we are at this time. Obviously they're much like us. They know most important thing is obviously the next game and to find a way to win that against a tough team." 

On if there are any parallels between this current Lions team and his first team in Indianapolis: "Well, it's a completely different scenario. I had been there for seven years. Just the lay of the land was different from a leadership standpoint. With me, they kind of knew what to expect and all of that kind of stuff, so it's different in that regard. The great thing about our game is that it's not homogenous, that there are so many different personality types, so many guys with different strengths. There are some guys that we're working with here, there has been very few times in your life where you get a chance to work with a guy that has the kind of talents that (Ndamukong) Suh has. There are just so many different things that arise. It's a lot different."

On if there is an energy a team can get when they make a change at quarterback: "Some of them haven't been by design, and then some of them have. But in either case, we've seen and obviously have witnessed some pretty stellar performances by guys stepping in. Buffalo was a quarterback change right before our game. It was his (Kyle Orton) first time out and obviously, he played well against us. So, that's an example of exactly what you're talking about. It did inspire them to move forward and obviously, they've played well and beat some really tough teams. It's our job to make sure it doesn't happen again."

On what Bears RB Matt Forte does well: "He does well. He is a very patient runner with excellent speed. Often times, you'll find guys that run the ball that lack a little speed. So, the patience is by necessity, but he has burst, he has speed, he has acceleration, he has vision. He can get his shoulders squared, he can run over you, he can side-step you, and then he's not just one-dimensional in terms of being able to run the ball. He can catch the ball out of the backfield and hurt you route running, but then also in screens and things of that nature. He's a pretty dangerous guy."

On if the team is over the flu bug that has been traveling around: "Well, we've had a little bit. (Rob) Sims missed practice yesterday with a little, but it just seems to pop up maybe one guy here or there. But hopefully it's ran its course."

On how comfortable he is with RB Joique Bell shouldering a larger role: "The last three games I think it's been, his total yards have been over 100 yards, which is pretty strong. And I do think that he's got a body type that is certainly built for this kind of weather, but good backs, that's what they do. He's tough, he's durable, but the great thing about it, we have a number of different styles to throw out there at you and I think you're going to see all of them this particular week."

On what QB Dan Orlovsky brings as a backup quarterback: "Yeah, he does. Dan is a type-A personality. Dan works extremely hard, Dan's an intense individual and he brings a lot to the table. One of the things is, he asks good questions. He analyzes everything and not only that, he's got experience to go along with it, plus intellect. And his work habits are just impeccable. So yeah, he adds a lot. He sets a huge example, but also I think he adds a lot to the conversation within the room as well."

On captains: "Golden Tate (offense), defensively (DeAndre) Levy and then special teams, Sam Martin."

On an inspirational quote: "How about this one? We did talk about, and I can't do it verbatim, I don't know if I can do it justice actually but what we were talking about is that one of the most difficult things for a man to handle is certainly success. So the quote was, ‘Out of a hundred men that can handle adversity, there's only one that can handle prosperity.' So, we were just talking about where we lie within that and what we need to get done and get accomplished just in terms of our practice and focus, things of that nature."

On how many players out of his 53 he believes he has who are like that: "Odds tell you that there are some. So, that's what you have to make certain that you identify and try to get it corrected."

On if the odds would tell him there's only one or a half: "I would assume that often times, just like statistics is, there's usually a few more than what you can anticipate. I don't think that was done with any sort of survey either."