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Lions notes: Detroit not considering Ray Rice

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Lions notes looks at what Jim Caldwell had to say about the possibility of signing Ray Rice, updates on Nick Fairley and Larry Warford and much more.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports
  • This won't come as a surprise given that Jim Caldwell has a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence, but the Detroit Lions aren't even considering the possibility of signing running back Ray Rice. (It's also not a surprise because the Lions don't exactly need help at running back, and Rice's numbers last season were pretty awful. Quite simply, the talent there wouldn't justify the distractions that would come along with signing him even if the Lions did need help at running back.)

  • Here's the latest update on Nick Fairley and Larry Warford:
  • Well done, Ndamukong Suh:
  • The Lions posted a time lapse of Ford Field going from hosting a circus to hosting the Buffalo Bills to hosting the annual Thanksgiving game in a span of a week or so. It was definitely a busy time for Ford Field in recent weeks.

  • John Bonamego has a pretty interesting method of rewarding his players for making plays on special teams.

  • In a do-over of the 2014 NFL Draft on FOX Sports, the Lions ended up with Auburn offensive lineman Greg Robinson, who was the second overall pick in real life. Eric Ebron, who was the Lions' actual pick, landed 28th overall in this re-draft.

  • Get your mute button ready: Dick Stockton and Brady Quinn are the announcers for Sunday's game between the Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.