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NFL playoff scenarios: What the Lions can clinch in Week 17

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The Detroit Lions have already locked up a playoff spot, but there's still more clinching to be done in Week 17.

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The Detroit Lions officially clinched a spot in the playoffs back on Saturday. They had an opportunity to clinch both the NFC North title and a first-round bye on Sunday, but the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys did not lose. As a result, clinching scenarios for the division title and a bye have been pushed to Week 17, and there's also a scenario where the Lions could clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Via the NFL, here's the official rundown:

Detroit clinches NFC North with:

1) DET win or tie

This is as straightforward as it gets. If the Lions win or force a tie against the Packers, they are NFC North champions.

Detroit clinches home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

1) DET win + SEA loss or tie + ARI loss or tie OR

2) DET tie + SEA loss + ARI loss + DAL loss or tie

In order to clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs -- in other words, capture the No. 1 seed -- the Lions need some help. In the first scenario, they not only have to beat the Packers, but they need the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals to both lose or tie their games. The Seahawks are home against the St. Louis Rams, while the Cardinals are at the San Francisco 49ers.

In the second scenario, the Lions could grab the No. 1 seed with a tie if Seattle and Arizona both lose and the Cowboys lose or tie at the Washington Redskins.

Detroit clinches a first-round bye with:

1) DET win OR

2) DET tie + DAL loss or tie OR

3) DET tie + SEA loss + ARI loss

To simply get a first-round bye, the Lions just need to beat the Packers. If they tie the Packers, they will need some help in order to avoid the No. 3 seed.