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Lions notes: Nick Fairley, Rashean Mathis, more

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Lions notes looks at Nick Fairley, Rashean Mathis and much more.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
  • Could Nick Fairley return this week? It's unclear, but at the very least, the Detroit Lions still seem hopeful about him potentially returning in the playoffs.
  • Rashean Mathis has been outstanding down the homestretch of the regular season.
  • The Lions are 11-0 when scoring more than 14 points this season, and they're 0-4 when scoring 14 or fewer. (via Humboldt Lions)

  • It sounds like the Lions were going to sign Australian rugby star Jarryd Hayne to their practice squad before visa issues prevented the move from happening. Even so, expect Hayne to join the Lions on a futures deal in 2015.

  • This video of Ndamukong Suh crashing an interview with Glover Quin is pretty funny.

  • This New York Times article about Jim Caldwell is pretty fascinating.

  • Caldwell made some history by leading the Lions to the playoffs in his first season as head coach.
  • This is pretty amazing:
  • Jimmy Clausen was concussed by Ziggy Ansah's helmet-to-helmet hit at the end of Sunday's game. As a result, Jay Cutler will start for the Chicago Bears this week.

  • Congratulations to Kudos, who defeated me in the 2014 POD fantasy football league championship game by a score of 91.90-77.58.