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NFL power rankings, Week 17: Lions crack the top six

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The Detroit Lions have jumped into the top six in nearly all of the NFL power rankings we track each week.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how I said last week that a consensus is forming for the Detroit Lions in NFL power rankings? That's even more true this week, as the Lions have the same ranking in four of the five power rankings we track. Take a look:

Aside from CBS Sports, the Lions are sixth in all of the above power rankings. In my view, the consensus about the Lions is that they're not quite among the very top tier of teams in the NFL, but they're not necessarily all that far off.

Case in point: The Green Bay Packers, which will play host to the Lions on Sunday, are currently ranked fifth (SB Nation), third (, third (ESPN), third (CBS Sports) and third (FOX Sports). The Packers are only a few spots ahead of the Lions in most power rankings, and if Detroit wins on Sunday, these two teams will likely swap spots in next week's rankings. Obviously it'll be more important that the Lions will take the NFC North title and a first-round bye with a win, but getting a victory at Lambeau Field would certainly change the national perception of this Lions team.