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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Thursday

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A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Thursday.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Thursday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On if RB Joique Bell participated in the team's walk-through today: "We don't discuss anything that goes on in our walk-through, who's there, who's not there."

On how Bell is feeling: "I'm not aware of what you're talking about. You said how does he feel? It's on there. Did it say he practiced yesterday? We don't talk about injuries, how they happen or when they happen."

On if he expects Bell to play Sunday: "We'll see."

On what kind of loss Bell would be: "Obviously, it's one of those things that if it happens we'll have to deal with and adjust. We're able to do so. A few other guys got to carry a heavier load."

On the mood of the players today: "Like it always is. The guys have always been good and upbeat and focused. It's the same thing today. It's hard to do during this time of year."

On if the schedule today is mostly the same: "For the most part, yes. Just backed up a little bit in terms of time. Gave the guys with kids and things of that nature a chance to open up their gifts with their families."

On his morning: "The same. Came in early, went to work, had a chance to watch a little more film until they got in."

On what the Lions head coach gets for Christmas: "Nothing, he doesn't need anything. Victories serve us well."

On what time he got in this morning: "Same as I always do, a decent hour."

On what makes Packers QB Aaron Rodgers so good at Lambeau Field: "He's just certainly an exceptional talent, but he's also extremely familiar with the system that they run. I mean, he knows where everyone is. He delivers the ball quickly and on time. When he doesn't he's certainly capable of getting outside of the pocket and gaining ground on the ground with his legs, but then also finding open receivers down the field. I think his familiarity, and he's a good decision maker as well."

On protecting the football and forcing turnovers: "In both cases, just like you mentioned, it's extremely important. I think it's very, very difficult in this league to come away from a ball game without gaining a turnover and it's very, very tough to win when you lose one or multiple. So, that makes it difficult. In both cases, yeah, we've got to do a great job of protecting the ball, particularly up there (Lambeau Field). You know, typically that's been the problem with teams that have gone up. They've turned the ball over numerous times. You give the ball to him (Rodgers) an extra two or three times and believe me, he's going to put some points on the board. Then on the other side of that, conversely, getting the turnovers is extremely important I think for anyone that goes into that stadium. You've got to find a way to get it even though they are very, very good at protecting the ball."

On if there is a heightened sense of hype with the players this week: "No, sir. That's a good thing. I often told our guys before there's times and different places where we've been where you could walk in that meeting room on Monday or Wednesday, whenever you came back, and you couldn't tell the difference between a win and a loss. That's the way it should be because the focus was just as keen as if they lost a game and just as keen if they had won it as well. So, I think that's a compliment to those guys. They do a great job with that."

On if that focus represents a ‘championship mentality': "Well, I wouldn't say that because people do things different ways and win championships. I can say that's the only way that I'm familiar with and that's the way that I've seen very good teams operate."

On what QB Dan Orlovsky has added to the quarterback room: "I haven't had an opportunity to work with him before. He's an unusual guy. He's your typical Type-A personality at that position. He works extremely hard. He's a guy that's inquisitive, but also extremely knowledgeable. You can imagine the number of years that he's been in the league, he's seen all different types of offensive sets and formations and all of the defenses that go along with defending them. So, his acumen is exceptional. He is able to do a great job I think in terms of leading by example. He's a great wing man, let me put it that way. That's important in that room. Often times you'll find that quarterbacks have to have somebody they can bounce some things off of. If you have two really young guys in the room along with the starter, he may get some of that from the coaches, but I think it's more important to find someone within the room that can give it to him from a player standpoint because those are the guys that stand behind the center. They see things differently, they communicate a little bit differently amongst themselves than from coach to player and things of that nature. So, what he does in that regard is invaluable. His leadership overall in terms of the look we get when he's running the look team, emulating the opposition, he does it to a tee. He takes it seriously, he studies, he works at it and I think thus, he's able to perform well when we need him."

On this being Orlovsky's first team with a winning record: "When you say the first time he's been on a winning team, he's a winner. Often times that happens in this league. I mean, guys that function and work sometimes extremely hard on different teams that maybe haven't been as successful, but the guy's got a winning attitude in every form or fashion. He's also one of those guys, I always say, that the mark of a true leader is a man who can lead himself. He can lead himself off the field. He's a great family man, he's got three young boys that are triplets that are going in three different directions and a great wife. He's a great family man and a man of faith. He's certainly a real positive influence on our team."

On G Rob Sims' improving from his early struggles this season: "In regard to the rough patch, I know there's been a couple that had brought that up a while back, but the fact of the matter is when you really look at it, it wasn't really a rough patch. You play in this league against some of the people you have to line up against, somebody's going to have a bad play here or there. It's going to happen, it's not a perfect game. So, I don't agree with the ‘rough patch,' but I do agree with the fact that he continues to get better. He's a settling influence in there. (He is) huge, obviously, at this point where we've got a young guy playing next to him that's certainly going to need some help and guidance in a number different things that may occur. But he's one of those guys. It's hard to value that kind of experience. He's done well for us."

On his biggest concern about C Travis Swanson starting this week: "I have none. I have none at all. I've been different places where, you know, I'm always drawing up on old experiences, where we've had guys in the first part of the season that were young players, rookies that stepped in and played for us on some very good teams. I think for the most part, we expect him to be good, we expect him to get his job done just like we did when (Cornelius) Lucas stepped in there very early. I think everybody would write and probably talk about his inexperience and all that kind of stuff, then after a while you don't even know he's out there. We're expecting the same thing from Swanny. He's got a great work habit. It doesn't mean it's going to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination. You can't be perfect in this league. There is too much talent, right? That money's spread around both teams, same salary cap. They have some players running around there. (Mike) Daniels on the inside, some quick guys that can move and play, so there will be a couple things here and there, but I don't worry about them."

On Swanson being a rookie on such a big stage this late in the season: "Not in the true sense of the word. A neophyte, maybe, but certainly not a rookie."

On if he is concerned about Swanson's ability to snap the ball in cold weather: "No, I really don't think so. If it happens, it won't be because of that. I don't anticipate it will happen. We've had an opportunity to practice in inclement weather. It's not going to be quite as cold down here as it's going to be up there, obviously. Probably be in the mid-20s or somewhere around there, check with the weatherman. But around here we still have an opportunity to get out and practice. The guys haven't shown any tendency to have any issues there."

On if he will call more shotgun formations early to get Swanson acclimated: "No, I mean, if it calls for it within our game plan we'll use it. When you think about that is the fact that if it was a huge downpour or something of that nature, but often times you can find in a huge downpour that sometimes shotgun is sometimes better than getting underneath center, in terms of handling the ball. So, it just depends."