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Lions injury report: Larry Warford misses practice

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Larry Warford's chances of playing on Sunday don't seem very good.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I think you can go ahead and pencil Travis Swanson in as the Detroit Lions' starting right guard on Sunday. I say that because the Lions' regular starting right guard, Larry Warford, missed practice on Wednesday after suffering a knee injury against the Green Bay Packers. Unlike defensive tackle Nick Fairley, who also missed Wednesday's practice, Warford apparently isn't in need of a miracle to play against the Dallas Cowboys, but it seems unlikely that he's going to be healthy enough to get on the field.

The good news for the Lions is that Warford and Fairley were the only two players out on Wednesday. Actually, only one other player was even on the injury report. Take a look:

WR Calvin Johnson (ankle) - Limited in practice
OG Larry Warford (knee) - Did not practice
DT Nick Fairley (knee) - Did not practice