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Jim Caldwell's quotes from Friday

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A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Friday.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Friday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On if G Larry Warford needs extra help coming off an injury against DT Gerald McCoy: "No, but are we concerned about one of the best players in the league? No question about it. You better do your homework to make certain that you know exactly what his strengths are, what he likes to do and our guys have looked at him extensively. But as you all know, you have to play well, you have to play very well against him."

On how having DT Ndamukong Suh on the team helps prepare for McCoy: "There's obviously some similarities because of the fact that they're both really dominant players at their position. So, therefore you know that you have to be able to pass protect well. But, not only in terms of his pass rushing ability, but also in the run. He's a human wrecking crew and we see that every day in practice, all during the fall camp as well. But it doesn't make it any easier, those guys are still very difficult to handle."

On if this team is as healthy as it could be in Week 14 of the season: "Not as healthy as we'd hope to be. You'd hope to not have any injuries at all, but obviously, I'm not certain how realistic that is. But at this point in time, we're moving them in the right direction."

On having basically his whole roster excluding DT Nick Fairley: "Yes, but that's what I think you've talked about, health and not necessarily about roster. At this time of the year everybody's banged up, there's nobody that's in perfect condition that's out there. Every single guy has some issue that he's dealing with, so I'm not certain that complete health at this time is equated with your roster numbers."

On if availability is a better word: "The most important ability is availability, there's no question about that."

On why he believes Warford has been so effective since he's come in the league: "Power, strength, toughness, intelligence and an unbelievable work ethic."

On how much Warford's work ethic has helped him overcome this injury: "They all depend on the individual and the severity of it as well, it depends on the injury. He's one of those guys that's just kind of been able to work through his particular injury and come back from it rather quickly. But, we'll see after today's practice."

On how RB Reggie Bush has looked: "He's doing well, looks good."

On if he anticipates Bush playing this week: "I know he feels really good. When he feels good I feel good."

On what similarities and differences people should look at when trying to compare Suh and McCoy: "A trained eye can watch those guys, but most people watch the game overall and see the flow of the ball and all those kinds of things. Some of the best work they do, guys like that, is the fact that they occupy other people, which in turn, turns other guys loose. You see it happen in the run game and the pass game as well. Some of the work that they do is sometimes a bit obscure, but they show up, both guys. Typically in tackles for loss, obviously pressures on the quarterback if not sacks, and just creating all kinds of issues for you. Both guys seem to do a very good job of that."

On the captains for this week: "(Dominic) Raiola is the offensive captain. Special teams captain is (Tahir) Whitehead and defensive captain is Jason Jones."

On what is says about Raiola to be named offensive captain three times: "Falls in line. Next week you'll say to someone else it's the third time because it's coming up. The rotation is such where we kind of work from week to week and if it's something special we adjust and if not we kind of go with the battery that we have. It goes without saying if he's out there representing the team that we think he does things the right way."

On how Raiola being named captain plays into him having a big matchup this week: "It just depends on the ball game. That certainly didn't happen this particular week. Sometimes it's hometown, sometimes it's teams they've previously played for, sometimes there's a lot of issues that kind of pop up. Most importantly is giving guys who we think lead our team an opportunity to have a voice during the course of the week."

On what he tells his team about the playoff race: "Nothing, don't even talk about it. It's not our issue right now. Our issue is Tampa and that's what we focus in on." 

On when the team starts to focus on the playoffs: "We don't."

On if the team focuses on the playoffs in Week 17: "We don't talk about it. We talk about where we are at that time. Wherever we are at that time, we'll talk about that at the present time. Once we're in that type of mode, which we're not right now."

On if he tells the team not to talk about the playoffs: "I like authenticity. I don't tell players exactly what you should say, what you shouldn't say. We advise, we direct, we talk about what's important for us and that's our focus and etcetera. What they choose to discuss is up to them."

On why there are so many talented young receivers in the NFL right now: "I think the game in itself is kind of cyclical. I think there were probably other times that you could probably look at the number of guys that have played well at that position and probably came to the same conclusion. I'm not certain that there has been any year that I could think in my mind, ‘You know what? There are not very many good receivers in this league at this particular point in time.' Every team has them and I think it goes along with the era. I think probably a little bit more this year than any other year that everybody is paying attention to is because there were so many in the Draft last year. That's more so than anything else and that was an unusual year, but every year is a little different. Next year, it may be quarterbacks or linebackers, or whatever it might be. But you are seeing a number of young guys that are functioning pretty well, with the great catch (by Odell Beckham, Jr.) the other week and young fellas as well. You look at some of the other guys playing well in the League, besides (Mike) Evans there's quite a few."

On why rookie receivers lately are so good coming into the League: "Bigger, stronger, faster. I still think it's cyclical, I really do. I think there are times when there have been a lot of great ones throughout the League. I can't think of a year where we considered it to be a mediocre year, in that regard. Maybe one team has had some difficulties or something of that nature, but typically those guys show up. And because the game is built-based, 60-percent you're probably going to end up throwing the ball the great majority of the time, 40-percent run. So, you're going to have those guys with the ball in their hands quite a bit. But this particular group coming out, there's no question about it, this is a pretty special group of guys."

On if there are any particular wide receivers he likes to watch other than his own: "I enjoy watching all of them, to be honest with you. I probably watch it a little bit more from a technical side than I do for pure enjoyment of appreciation of athleticism and ability and intelligence and all of those kinds of things because I'm always looking for something that refers or relates to what we're doing on how we can get better."