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Lions notes: Theo Riddick, Reggie Bush, more

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Lions notes looks at Theo Riddick, Reggie Bush and much more.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
  • Theo Riddick didn't play a single snap on offense on Sunday. In fact, he only had seven snaps on special teams. Why the sudden decrease in playing time? Jim Caldwell explained on Monday: I really don't understand this line of thinking. Riddick has shown a lot more in the passing game than Bush this season, and just generally speaking, Riddick seems to bring a lot more to the offense. I get the interest in involving Bush, but that should not completely eliminate Riddick's role in the offense. Keeping him on the sideline in favor of Bush is just a really questionable move on the part of the coaches.

  • The Detroit Lions' run defense has been amazing this season.
  • Hmm...
  • Matthew Stafford has taken a lot of abuse this season from a sacks standpoint.
  • Joseph Fauria has had an interesting couple of days on Twitter.

  • The Quick Lane Bowl, which will be played at Ford Field on Dec. 26, will feature North Carolina and Rutgers. I'm sure Eric Ebron is pleased with that matchup considering he'll get to see his former team play at the stadium of his current team.

  • This is some top-notch trolling:
  • Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall is officially out for the season.

  • Former Lions defensive backs Louis Delmas and Danny Gorrer are also out for the season. Delmas tore his ACL, and Gorrer tore a pair of ligaments in his knee.