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Lions notes: Matthew Stafford, Miller McCalmon, more

Lions notes looks at Matthew Stafford, Miller McCalmon and much more.

  • The Free Press reports that Detroit Lions assistant director of pro personnel Miller McCalmon retired last month.

  • Only one of Detroit's four major sports teams has the same head coach as it did last year.
  • Rotoworld ranked the biggest coaching change winners from this year, and Matthew Stafford came in at No. 5 on the list. Why? Well, Rotoworld explains that Stafford "projects to be more efficient under the new regime." I can't disagree. Between Jim Caldwell, Joe Lombardi and Jim Bob Cooter, Stafford should be a much improved quarterback in 2014.

  • Speaking of quarterback efficiency, former Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo rated every quarterback from the 2013 season. Peyton Manning topped the list with a 9.0, and Stafford checked in with a 7.9 (the same rating as Matt Ryan, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler).

  • Remember the awesomely awful Stafford shirt we brought to your attention last week? Well, this is a pretty hilarious development: Yes, the makers of the shirt simply put Stafford's head on Drew Brees' body and changed the colors. It's impressive how bad this shirt is, and that is what really makes it so awesome.

  • This is also pretty awesome (for completely different reasons):

  • The Minnesota Vikings' new stadium looks like it is going to be pretty sweet.

  •'s Daniel Jeremiah has updated his top 50 rankings for the 2014 NFL Draft.