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Lions notes: Rod Woodson serving as mentor for Darius Slay

Lions notes looks at Rod Woodson's mentoring role with Darius Slay, Gunther Cunningham's new job with the team, the release of Louis Delmas and Nate Burleson and much more.

Adam Bettcher
  • MLive reports that Hall of Fame defensive back Rod Woodson is mentoring Darius Slay. Woodson has worked with Slay in the past, and the two plan to get together again this year to go over film and work on Slay's game. Woodson said that Slay "has a lot of untapped potential," and Woodson views Slay as someone who will be better this year and should really "break out" in his third year in the league (in 2015).

  • Via Twitter, here's more from Woodson:
  • Gunther Cunningham's new role as a senior coaching assistant for the Detroit Lions will involve game planning for both the offense and defense and being a "resource for general manager Martin Mayhew and the personnel department." Basically, Cunningham will provide the coaching staff and the front office an extra set of eyes and ears in 2014.

  • Nate Burleson said this when asked about Louis Delmas being released on Thursday: They cut Delmas for the same reason they cut Burleson -- to free up cap space.

  • Ryan Broyles and Kris Durham both tweeted about Burleson's release:
  • As noted by Pro Football Talk, a lot of wide receivers are set to become free agents this year, resulting in what should be a "buyer’s market" for teams. That would be good for the Lions, as wide receiver appears to be their top need. Drafting a wide receiver seems inevitable, but the Lions should definitely try to add somebody via free agency first.

  •'s Daniel Jeremiah made comparisons between some notable players in this year's draft and players who are already in the league. Of note, he compared Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans to the Chicago Bears' Alshon Jeffery, and he noticed some similarities between LSU wide receiver Jarvis Landry and soon-to-be free agent Anquan Boldin.

  • This sounds promising: