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Carlin Isles reportedly picks rugby over Lions

It appears that instead of joining the Detroit Lions, Carlin Isles is headed to Scotland to continue his rugby career.

Matt Roberts

Rugby player Carlin Isles joined the Detroit Lions' practice squad toward the end of the 2013 season. The Lions then signed him to a futures deal after the season came to an end, putting him under contract once the 2014 league year begins in March.

Although Isles is inexperienced from a football standpoint, his great speed seemingly gives him a lot of potential to succeed as a running back or wide receiver in the NFL. However, we may not even get to see Isles show off that potential, because it appears that he has decided to continue his rugby career.

Last month, it sounded like Isles was actually done with rugby and ready to focus on the Lions. However, The Scotsman reports that Isles is going to sign with the Glasgow Warriors, a Scottish rugby team (via the Free Press). Here's what Isles' agent told The Scotsman:

"The big target for him has always been the Olympics in England and so he has been looking for an opportunity to take his development on to a higher level and give himself the best chance of making the USA squad for 2015.

"If this had not come about I think he would have gone to NFL, but Glasgow have given him the opportunity he has been craving."

Isles was likely going to be a camp body more than anything, but he was set to be one of the most intriguing players in training camp because of his speed. It's too bad that Isles has seemingly opted to continue playing rugby rather than join the Lions, but rugby is clearly his top priority, so I can't really fault him.