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Lions notes: The return of the fullback?

Lions notes looks at Martin Mayhew's plans for the fullback position, the job titles of some assistant coaches and much more.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
  • It's been a few years since the Detroit Lions have utilized a fullback in their offense, but that could be changing this year. According to the Free Press, Martin Mayhew recently said that he has "always liked to have a fullback around," but only if the fullback "can do multiple things" so you're not wasting a spot on the active list on game day.

    The Lions do already have Montell Owens, who can play fullback and contribute on special teams, but Mayhew indicated that he wants someone who is more physical and a bit bigger. In other words, don't be shocked if the Lions add a more traditional fullback this offseason.

  • Also returning to the Lions this year? Free and strong designations for their safeties.

  • There are a few things worth noting about the official job titles of some of the Lions' assistants. For starters, Kris Kocurek and Jim Washburn are both listed as defensive line coaches; there is no longer an assistant designation for Washburn. Also on defense, Tony Oden is listed as the cornerbacks coach and Alan Williams is listed as the safeties coach. Evan Rothstein's job title, meanwhile, is now "special projects." Rothstein was previously the quality control coach for special teams.

  • Peter King recently projected the Lions to take Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan in a 2014 NFL mock draft.

  • SB Nation's Jon Bois put together an outstanding piece on bad drafting. This isn't necessarily a huge surprise, but the piece proved that a random number generator would have been a better drafter for the Lions than Matt Millen. Yes, Millen was that bad.

  • Pro Football Talk reports that the NFL salary cap could end up eclipsing the $132 million mark by a "few million." A $135 million salary cap would be quite awesome for a team like the Lions.

  • This is pretty hilarious: