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Report: Lions add Tony Oden, Matt Raich to coaching staff

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The Detroit Lions have reportedly added two more people to their coaching staff.

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have reportedly hired two more assistant coaches as they continue to put together their coaching staff. reports that Tony Oden has been added as an assistant and Matt Raich has been hired as the quality control coach on defense.

Oden met with Jim Caldwell at the Senior Bowl a couple weeks ago. At the time, it seemed like Oden was interviewing for the Lions' secondary coach job, but the Lions instead hired Alan Williams to fill that role. Oden, who previously coached defensive backs for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints, will likely assist Williams with the secondary.

Raich's hiring comes after it was previously reported that he was expected to join Caldwell's coaching staff. Raich was most recently the linebackers coach at Duquesne, and he was the Arizona Cardinals' linebackers coach (on the same coaching staff as Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin) before that.

At this point, it seems like the Lions' coaching staff has been finalized for the most part. They still have an opening at quarterbacks coach, but it doesn't look like they are planning to hire someone since both Caldwell and offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi have experience with QBs. If that is the case, then their coaching staff may be complete with the addition of Oden and Raich.