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Joe Lombardi talks about playbook, calling plays, Matthew Stafford and much more

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi was officially introduced on Friday, and he talked about several different topics during his press conference.

Sean Gardner

The Detroit Lions held a formal press conference on Friday to introduce new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. During the presser, Lombardi answered questions about a variety of topics, including his playbook, who will call the plays, Matthew Stafford's interception issues and much more. Here's a recap of the presser:

Jim Caldwell on Lombardi:

Lombardi on his Lions playbook:

Lombardi on who will call the plays for the Lions:

Lombardi on hiring a quarterbacks coach:

Lombardi on Stafford's interception issues:

Lombardi on his family and coaching background:

Lombardi on Calvin Johnson and what he wants from his tight ends: