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Lions' Tom Lewand looks back at first week of free agency

On Monday night, Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand took a look back at what's happened so far during free agency.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's now been one week since NFL free agency opened. The Detroit Lions have already made several moves, and during an interview on Monday night, team president Tom Lewand looked back at what's happened so far and what's still to come for the Lions.

For what's happened so far, Lewand characterized the first seven days of free agency as a "good week" for the Lions. In particular, he was happy with the Golden Tate signing:

Lewand admitted that trying to build your team entirely through free agency is not a wise strategy, but he also said that the Lions aren't done making moves yet. That doesn't mean they are about to go on a spending spree or anything like that, but they are still planning to address some of their remaining needs via free agency. In all likelihood, that means signing a backup quarterback, a fullback and a safety before the focus really starts to shift to the draft.