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Updated look at Lions' current cap space

How much cap space do the Detroit Lions currently have? Let's take a look.

After nearly two weeks of free agency, the Detroit Lions have used up most of their cap space. They went into free agency with around $10 million of room to work with, and as of Monday, they have around $2.0 million of cap space remaining.

Where do the Lions rank in the NFL when it comes to cap space? It appears they are at the very bottom of the league. This obviously means that they're last in the NFC North, as the Green Bay Packers ($16.1 million), Minnesota Vikings ($13.0 million) and Chicago Bears ($7.4 million) all have more room to work with.

As things stand right now, the Lions do not have enough cap space for their rookie pool. They also do not have enough space to add any significant free agents. They can add players with minimum type of salaries since those deals don't have much of an impact on the cap, but there isn't room for much else at this point.

The good news for the Lions is that there are ways to create more cap space. Signing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to a long-term deal, for example, would free up enough room for the Lions' rookies and then some. Getting that specific deal done may not happen for at least a few months, but if all else fails, the Lions could always restructure other players' contracts by converting base salaries into bonuses. It'd be nice to get away from kicking the can down the road, of course, but it is an option if the Lions get desperate enough for cap space.

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