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Jim Caldwell talks about keys to success for quarterbacks

What does Matthew Stafford need to do to become a "championship" quarterback? Check out what Jim Caldwell had to say last week.

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Shortly after he was hired by the Detroit Lions, Jim Caldwell emphasized footwork as an area where Matthew Stafford could use some improvement. Many fans have been saying that for years, and Caldwell immediately recognized the importance of making sure that Stafford's footwork gets better.

Good footwork is certainly one of the keys to being a successful quarterback, and it can directly affect things like timing and accuracy. Caldwell actually said last week that timing and accuracy are even more important when it comes to being a successful quarterback.

In regards to Stafford, Caldwell said that the key to success for him is to be more consistent. Caldwell thinks Stafford is "capable of championship play," but consistency is definitely something that has been lacking with Stafford in recent years. His footwork certainly deserves some of the blame when it comes to his lack of consistency, and just generally speaking, Caldwell wants Stafford's fundamentals to constantly be improving.

We've talked a lot this offseason about the Lions' need for more talent at wide receiver and how drops need to be lessened in the future. But the biggest need going forward is really for Stafford to take a major step in his development. We've seen flashes of brilliance over the years, but as Caldwell said, there needs to be more consistency. That's the key to Stafford being a better quarterback, and that's really the key to the Lions being a better football team.

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