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Lions set to begin offseason training program

The Detroit Lions open their offseason training program on Monday.

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We've still got quite a bit of time until actual football resumes, but we are getting closer to having some on-field news to talk about. As announced last week, the Detroit Lions are scheduled to have a voluntary minicamp from April 22-24, and they will have a mandatory minicamp from June 10-12. Also, the Lions will have three sets of OTAs in the coming months (May 20-22, May 27-29 and June 2-5).

Before the Lions get a chance to hit the field for the first time under new head coach Jim Caldwell, they will kick off their offseason training program on Monday. This is earlier than most teams since the Lions have a new head coach, but no on-field coaching is allowed during this phase of the offseason. It's mainly just strength and conditioning and rehabilitation, although quarterbacks can throw to uncovered receivers.

What will take place during the other phases of the offseason? Bucs Nation put together an excellent breakdown detailing all of the different limitations that exist. During the two minicamps, for example, the Lions can do on-field work for up to 3.5 hours a day, although each individual practice can only be a maximum of 2.5 hours. (Teams are allowed to hold a second practice as a walkthrough on two of the three days of each minicamp.)

For the OTAs, there are even more limitations. There can't be any live contact, and no one-on-one drills involving the offense and defense are allowed. Players can at least wear helmets and do team-wide drills involving the offense and defense, but there are pretty strict regulations in place for this particular phase of the offseason.

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