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2014 NFL Draft: TJ Jones talks about being picked by Lions

Here's a look at what wide receiver TJ Jones had to say about being picked by the Detroit Lions last Saturday.

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Below is a recap of what wide receiver TJ Jones had to say about being picked in the sixth round by the Detroit Lions last Saturday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On if he has talked to Lions RB Theo Riddick yet: "I actually saw Theo a little bit throughout the process when he came to Notre Dame some. Then, he actually, as soon as my name was brought up he called me on the phone. I've already spoken to him."

On his family ties to football: "Football's really in my blood. From the time I was born, my father played with the Lions, so I was a couple months old out on the practice field at the Lions practice with my mother. My godfather, Rocket (Raghib Ismail), has been through the process, (as well as) my uncle, Phillip Daniels. They've showed me and allowed me to go through the process with knowledge that I would have had to figure out on my own if I didn't have them to lean on."

On what he took away from being around the NFL early in his life: "I learned that football is your job now, it's a profession. You have to be business-like on and off the field. If you don't handle your business, it's like any other job. You'll lose it. Football isn't forever. You can't put all your eggs in one basket."

On how Notre Dame used him on offense: "Notre Dame, my senior year coming in, they used me in a lot of different ways, from being an outside receiver to being a single receiver to playing slot, both to the field and to the boundary, and sometimes being a running back. They really just moved me around as much as they could so it wouldn't give defenses the ability to key on me."

On if he feels more comfortable outside or in the slot: "I was fortunate enough to play enough of both to where I'm equally comfortable outside and in the slot. You know, the slot gives you a little more leeway to kind of play with your routes, to kind of play with your man-on-man coverage. But at the same time, you can run crisp routes from the No. 1 receiver, that's more one-on-one just back to basics of being a receiver."

On playing with Lions WR Calvin Johnson: "I don't know if words would do it justice, you know? (He is) one of the best in the game now, one of the best in the game, really forever. He's going to leave a legacy. He's going to go down in the Hall of Fame, and to be able to learn from him, to watch him go about his work days and use his knowledge, he'll better my game. It's unparalleled to anything I could imagine."

On if he broke any of Lions WR Golden Tate's records while at Notre Dame: "I'm second in Notre Dame history for receptions, and then I think he has me beat in everything else. I'm like top 10 in a bunch of stuff, but I think he's in front of me in everything else."

On what game stuck out to him over his college career: "I would say the Arizona State game from this past season, from my senior season. It was one of the first games where I felt like everything clicked, like I could do no wrong."

On if concerns about his size are overplayed: "That's something I've known since forever. My upper-body strength or my weight in general has always been a question. It's always been a question. It's always something I've been working on. I put on 30 pounds since my freshman year and it's just now to the point where I was able to feel comfortable in my own skin again. So, I know that adding another five to 10 pounds is definitely going to help me out with the physicality of the game, you know, keeping injury-free, being able to take more hits from bigger athletes and not get injured."

On if the Lions have expressed an interest in his return abilities: "They have not talked to me about punt returns, specifically. That's something if they want me to do, I would definitely try it out. I'm going to want to try it out. My last year was my first year doing it and there is definitely room for improvement. I kind of like it. It's a rush that you don't get from every play."

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