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Lions draft picks 2014: Do you approve of Travis Swanson at No. 76?

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What do you say, Detroit Lions fans? Are you on board with the Lions' pick of Travis Swanson?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

After taking BYU outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy in the second round, the Detroit Lions closed out the second day of the draft by selecting Arkansas center Travis Swanson in the third round. With so many seemingly talented defenders still on the board, it seemed like the Lions were going to take a defensive player, but they opted to go with a center instead.

The Lions' thinking with this pick is pretty clear. They want to start grooming someone to eventually replace Dominic Raiola, and they decided to go with Swanson for that role. Swanson will likely spend 2014 on the bench as a backup while he learns from Raiola, but by 2015 he will be expected to be a starter.

Do you like that the Lions decided to draft someone who could eventually take over for Raiola? Or would you have rather seen them go with a defensive back in order to fill a need in the secondary? You can chime in on this pick by voting in the poll below and leaving your thoughts in the comments.