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Matthew Stafford, Eric Ebron to practice together before training camp

In order to better prepare for training camp, the Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford and Eric Ebron are planning to get together for some extra work on the field next month.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Timing is everything for quarterbacks and pass-catchers. For Matthew Stafford, with new players like Golden Tate and Eric Ebron to throw the ball to this year, there could be a bit of an adjustment period, especially with a new offensive scheme in place. It's not like consistently completing passes to those players will be impossible until everybody is on the same page, but there could be some growing pains in the early stages of training camp and the preseason.

In order to get some of those growing pains out of the way before practice begins next month, Ebron and Stafford are planning to get in some extra work on their own time. Per the Free Press, the plan is for them to take part in throwing sessions the week before training camp begins. This will give them some extra opportunities to work together on an individual basis, and Ebron is extremely appreciative of Stafford's help. From the Free Press:

"He’s a great leader," Ebron said. "I mean, this is what you want in a quarterback. A guy that I’m like, ‘Matt, hey, can you stay after with me and throw me a couple so we can get this timing down?’ ‘For sure.’ Bang, we’re throwing, we’re catching. Nice, nice. We’re synching up.

"It’s what you want in a quarterback. I mean, I’m so blessed to have the weapons I do in receivers and a quarterback that’s that good, ’cause Matt Stafford is that good."

It may not seem like a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but the sooner Ebron and Stafford sync up, the sooner Ebron will be ready to contribute as a rookie. He was brought in to help make Stafford a better quarterback and make the offense more dangerous in general, so it's nice to see that these two players are planning to put in some extra work to get ready for the season.

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