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Lions notes: Calvin Johnson, Kevin Jones, more

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Lions notes looks at Calvin Johnson, what Kevin Jones is up to these days and much more.

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
  • Calvin Johnson came in 24th in jersey sales on from April 1 to July 17. Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel topped the list.

  • What is former Detroit Lions running back Kevin Jones up to these days? He's working as a special assistant to Virginia Tech's athletic director and is "planning to begin working on his Ph.D.," according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The job at his alma mater came after he had a design internship "with a furniture manufacturer in Switzerland" and after he competed on a sailing team in the Rolex Cup. I think Jones might be the most interesting man in the world. (Via Michael Rothstein)

  • I feel sorry for defensive players and coaches.
  • The NFL has made some changes aimed at lowering the number of underclassmen who leave school early for the draft. A record number of players declared for the draft this year, but 45 of them didn't even get picked.

  • Awful Announcing has a rundown of what we should expect from Thursday Night Football this year.