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Lions training camp: Jim Caldwell's quotes from Monday

A recap of Jim Caldwell's comments from Monday.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell had to say on Monday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening Statement: "Today was one of those days where we really tried to focus in on a number. We had six different scenarios we wanted to try to get accomplished during our situation period at the end. Trying to find a way when you've got a lead and trying to make certain that they see the importance of consuming time in that particular case and on the defensive side try to conserve time. We had several different scenarios we were working along with and testing them according to the clock. We were trying to look at the algorithmic part of it and seeing if it fits. We also did four, two-minute scenarios. We did a lot of good work and I think our team will benefit from it, but we have to keep doing that every week. That's important to us."

On WR Ryan Broyles and his durability thus far: "I have not seen him where he's inhibited at all. He's been able to run, jump and explode. You've seen him here at practice even. He can get up and he's feeling comfortable with it. He's doing a lot of good things."

On if he planned to have T Cornelius Lucas play as much as he did Saturday night: "It was always the plan. The answer would be yes. Besides Cornelius we got a lot of young guys who got a lot of snaps and it was good that way. We were on the field a fairly decent amount of time which allowed those guys to get some really fine experience. It's a difficult game and the more reps you can get out there, particularly operating against a different team, a different pass rusher, different guys you have to block in terms of technique and fundamentals on the line of scrimmage, which was good for him."

On if he felt a level of angst when the team passed on drafting Lucas: "We really liked him, obviously. He's a very talented guy and we're glad we were able to get him and how it worked out that way in our favor. He's one of those guys who was nicked up in the spring and you didn't get to see him much, but you knew he had some talent. Since he's been out here he's been doing a fine job. He's tough, doesn't say much, but is really developing. He's got a lot to learn, but he's coming along."

On if it's difficult deciding who plays with the first, second and third teams and evaluating them: "First of all, you don't know. It's not like coaches call each other up and ask, ‘Hey, how long are you playing (Browns LB Jabaal) Sheard?' You really don't know. Sometimes that guy could be in there for four plays, he could be in there for one. You don't know. I think in the Cleveland game there were 10 guys who didn't play. You don't do any of that because you don't know. There are just some unknowns. You just get them out there and you put your plan together. We worry more about us than them and see if we can get them better that way."

On QB Dan Orlovsky's performance on Saturday: "Dan has a good feel for the offense and I think it was the first (game) for him within the system. Often times you try to make an assessment or an assertion on a young man right at the onset during the preseason, which is a mistake. You have to just watch and let him develop and see what happens when you get to the end. We have a lot of time left yet, but I thought Dan did OK. Everybody would like to do better, but I think he did his job and I think you'll see him improve next week even a little bit more."

On DT Nick Fairley: "We haven't put out a depth chart yet, but when we do we will, but we haven't yet. So what you see more so than anything else is we decide how we rep guys. It doesn't necessarily mean that they're one, they're two, they're three or whatever it might be, it just depends on the situation. Don't read a whole lot into it, alright. He's just like everybody else, he could be better. He's a big man, he's got some strength and ability. He can probably carry more weight than most people at his size because of his strength. I think he's working to get into a comfortable weight and I think he's on his way there."

On DE Jason Jones' versatility: "I think that's one of the unique things about him. He made some plays on the outside. I think you saw him run from the opposite side of the field and make some plays inline. He's got enough bulk to be a factor outside against the run and inside as a pass rusher. We've utilized him at both. That kind of versatility is helpful to us for a number of different reasons. There is a dual threat with him and the great thing about him is he can do both."

On the music playing during practice: "We do it from time to time, it's kind of a different way. Everybody used to get bored with the crowd noise - that was a bunch of yelling and screaming and all that kind of stuff, and you really couldn't make hide nor hair of it. But it did obviously create some distraction for you. We're trying to do the same thing basically with the music. One day in here we had a Motown session. We use different music to accomplish the same thing. What we are trying to do is assimilate crowd noise so they can't hear, and they have to communicate a lot louder with one another. If it just so happens it's something they like they seem to catch the rhythm of it. I'm not quite certain exactly what songs those were. It depends, we do allow them to bring in playlists. Galen (Duncan) will work with them and they will put together some playlists and things of that nature. We don't play anything that's not clean that's for sure. Whatever it is, you know these guys listen to a lot different music than we listened to in the past. But I also remember my mother talking about some artists that we used to listen that she didn't care for back in our day too. Hasn't changed that much to be honest with you."

On his impressions of S Jerome Couplin: "One of the things that jumped out at you, which you knew from watching in college, but often times you don't necessarily see it during the first game, just his ability to get in place and position and strike you. He's got some punch and power. He does things so easily that sometimes it can be a little deceptive, but he made a couple real nice hits the other night, so that was good. He's one of those young guys that's learning and working at it, but he does have potential."

On the importance of having a light mood in practice: "I've never even thought about that part of it because this is work. This is a business and I don't really care if the mood is light, to be honest with you. I'm more interested in results and getting our guys ready. I don't think they hired me to be a social director, in that sense. So what we try to do is work, but along the way if we can adjust and maybe play some music that they may have a sense of understanding as opposed to a sense of crowd noise, we'll do that. But I think these guys love being around each other. That's what you're seeing and that's what you're sensing. You sense the mood is light because they're galvanizing and gravitating towards one another. It's not anything that's orchestrated and it's not anything that I'm doing and as you can see, they enjoy one another, they enjoy what they're doing and they are optimistic about where they are. They have a good feel about each other and that is what you're sensing and hopefully that keeps going."